Baby Bride

Alwatan newspaper – Yaman

a 13 yeard old Yamani girl died 3 days  after her wedding due to sever internal bleeding following intercourse. The poor girl Elham Mahdi Alassi was forced to marry a 24 year old man who admited taking Sexual Tonic medication. The girl was forced to marry the man so her brother can marry the man’s sister.  Sadly, this 13 year old Yameni child bride isn’t the first to die this way. In September, a 12 year-old Yameni girl forced into marriage died during childbirth. Her baby died as well.

Riyadh Newspaper – Saudi Arabia

 A 65 year old man  suffering from Heptitis B was applying for a marriage health certificate  to marry an 11 year old Saudi girl. The hospital staff were shocked by the father’s enthusiasm to finish the paper work so he can go a head with his 11 yeard old daughter’s wedding!

This is really shocking news!

It seems that the father is forcing his child to marry perhabs his old friend or something.

Unfortunatlly, there is no law to protect young Muslim girls in Saudi and Yaman. Its common but no human rights orgs nor child protection servicess were able to stop it.


This video showes a religous Muslim  man ( shaikh) allowing to Marry a Girl at the Age of One!




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