Culture and it’s contradictions with Islam

Every Monday I attend 2 hours of Islamic classes. Although I’m a Nursing student yet Islamic courses are mandatory . In Saudi Arabia  you keep studying Islamic culture classes for ever, I have been studying Islam since I was in the 1st grade, now its my 4th year in the college of Nursing and still studying Islamic culture!! .. shouldn’t I become A Shaikh or get a PhD degree after all that classes!!!

Anyways, My Islamic teacher is so strict that I wouldn’t be surprised if she ever said that she  is Osama bin Laden’s biggest fan!

yes I know this is a serious statement and its no joke.

well actually she already believe that  the death of Saddam Husain was tragedy and the Iraqis should have obeyed their master.

to tell you the truth guys .. she hates me as if I was a jew or something.  I always question everything written in the book and a lot of times I disagree with whatever the book says or whatever she says. Therefore, she treats me badly and give me a really mean eye look. She tought me last semester and again she is teaching me now, so this attitude ”  rudeness and saying inappropriate things for me and detecting marks for nothing etc.. has been going on for a while now. I actually complained to the head of the department Ms. Sareh  about it this semester when I found out that Ms. Al Enizi  is teaching me again!! I was like O.o what the F***?!

Ms.  Sareh is not only the Head of the department but she is also My Academic advisor, so she really worked hard to help me out with the problem, she was investigating and asking questions, tying to find out who is telling the truth and all that, specially that Ms. Al Enizi denies everything.

she was asking questions like ” are you being naughty in the class Omaima? are you trying to  tease her or provoke her with some facial expressions or certain behavior?”

the answer is NOOOOOOO, Never. I just question what the book says and sometimes what she says and she don’t like that.

Eventually after going to Ms. Sareh’s office million times complaining about the maltreatment and all that, she suggested that I should go to the associate dean Dr. Al Sayyed.

Right now I’m  in the middle of my spring break, but will speak with Dr. Al Sayyed as soon as I get back to school.

Now guys .. let me clarify some stuff here

culture and it’s contradictions with Islam is stupid tradions and rules that does not make sense made up by some stupid ppl to brainwash women

a good example would be what Ms. Al-Enizi was saying last monday

“”المرءه لها مخرجا  مخرج من بيت ابيها الى زوجها و من بيت زوجها الى القبر””






which means that women have 2 Exist doors

  •  from her father’s house to her husband’s.
  •  from her husband’s house to her grave.

the 2 exit doors is a metaphor of that a woman shouldn’t go out and hang around anywhere untill  she dies!!  because she is a source of sins, in the sense that they will attract men and that leads to bad things.

then she proceed asking the students , what would you prefer staying home and having a man serve you  while you are at home happy and comfortable having everything you need and not having to work hard for 12 hours as a nurse and with night shifts and all that?

she apparently trying to convince the student that  staying home is much better than going outside and working with men as a nurse. Specially that she believes that working with men is a ” taboo”.

another thing is that we had an exam and there were 2  really strange questions.

True or false

 People are entitled to remove governor/ guardian that is not applying human rights, from power. (……)

if you said true.. then you are not a good muslim!

the correct answer is false. We must obey our masters and guardians no matter what.

well .. I got the answer wrong..!!

And when I flipped the page to go to the other question that says what are the advantages of having islamic law?

the answer is to stop human slavery! 

isn’t this so ironic?

now wouldn’t that be SLAVERY .. I mean letting a guardian takes control of you even if he is not treating you like human and yet you  MUST OBEY HIM.


P.S I’m not criticising Islam, I am criticising what the Islamic teacher is saying.

 KSA is not following Islam or teaching the right Islam but a very backward triable culture in the name of religion.


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7 thoughts on “Culture and it’s contradictions with Islam

  1. thats really horrible. I am glad that you are being critical about things and that you approach things with your own oppinion and so forth. the worst thing you can do is to accept this kind of treatment and “just follow the stream in the brook” so to speak.

    Love from jimmy

  2. The word “bullshit” could have been replased with a less offensive word mate. but you have to admit that there are alot of shit in Islam. Just as there is in Christianity and most likely every other religion. That is a fact you have to live with. There are simply just some of the rules in our respective religions that shouldn be allowed to have any function in the 21st century. We should rather concentrate about the rules about respect and love for thy next and so forth.

  3. Hello there
    the use of ”Islamic bullshit” meant by what the teacher was saying NOT the religion
    and there is a note written at the very end
    ”P.S I’m not critising Islam, I am critising what the Islamic teacher is saying in the Islamic culture class.

    KSA is not following Islam or teeaching the right Islam but a very backward tribal culture in the name of Islam.”
    I don’t believe there is bullshits in religion .. people bullshit religion!
    by their false perception and understanding.

  4. True that there is alot of missinterpritations made by different people, and no doubt that there are alot of those people in saudi. They exists anywhere else too for that matter.
    This does not change the fact that there are some of the rules in the major religions that we see today, that contradicts the very basic human rights, and/or that shouldn be implemented in a modern society that is based on human rights and freedom of religion. This is an issue that the three major monothoestic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) has.

  5. these people hate it when we question them.

    it is as if they want you to be like them, not like what you want to be as a Muslim.

    these people, nowadays are losing support because people “educated” started question them, and want to know the why? who? and what?

    just keep doing what you are doing. these people days are numbered ^.^

  6. Islam’s only defence is bullying and intimidation.

    Islam cannot be defended by rational thought as this brave young nurse has proved. Islam is a war against freedom.

    In spite of all the brainwashing from cradle to grave, people in Saudi Arabia don’t believe this contradictory nonsense. It’s a fraud.

    They can’t maintain the fiction that people believe much longer.

    • I don’t go with Miranda’s argument. What the founders of most religions (at least the ones I’m aware of) preached, was – in the essence – love: love for life and for creation. The “institutionalized” religions that came after these founders and that were and are administered by narrow minds moreoften than not (and how does the concept of love go with a narrow mind?), have mutilated this concept everywhere. A german poet has compared this situation with a jar and the wine it contains, the wine being the “real” religion, the jar the institution that pretends to represent it. The ordinary people, he concludes, just can’t distinguish between the jar and its contains.
      Don’t let us be ordinary people, then.

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