How muslims are treated in USA

I found this very interesting video on YouTube about how muslims are treated in US.

abc primetime hides a camera in a shop where an actor treating muslims differently to see how people would respond!

the actor refuses to serve muslim lady wearing a Hijab that is also and actress  and tell her to take her Jihad back in a very offensive way!

primetime show want to see how other customers ” americans ” will react to racism!

6 people gave the thump up for  the guy who is humiliating the lady.

22 walked out without saying anything.

only 13 stood up and defend the lady!

very shocking numbers!

watch the video


7 thoughts on “How muslims are treated in USA

  1. The name of this program is “What would you do?”. It is half an hour program in which the producers create a situation in which an act of social injustice is addressed. The purpose of the program is to see how people in the given environment reflect on the incident. Over the years, they have produced many episodes covering the number of subject like racism, discrimination against elders, homeless, women etc. The reaction of people is almost always mixed. This episode is actually no different. And to be honest, I see here more positive response from the people than negative. That is to say, 13 as contrast to only 6 people behaved positively. As for those who left without any reaction, should not be perceived as negative responsive. Some of them (let’s assume 50%) might have sided with the victim in their heart but lacked the courage to take any action.

    I think instead of finding something negative in this video, we should appreciate those who sided the women. There is no peace of land where the discrimination level is “zero”. So instead of being pessimistic we should optimistically analyze this situation. Over all, I would say, the result of this study is quite satisfactory.

  2. I will also suggest you to search “what would yo do?” on youtube. You will see a number of videos like this. After watching those videos, I am sure you will come to the same opinion as mine.

  3. I do agree with ya Usman .. there is not land where the discrimination level is zero!
    the fact that 13 people defended the lady comparing with 6 people who were encouraging discrimination is satisfactory. However, 22 of them walked away!
    the majority of people won’t take an action iff they saw a person being abused, it could be a parent hitting a child or it could be a man making a move on a woman or so!
    just the idea of not taking an action when someone alse is being abused infront of your eyes is really sad!

  4. When I saw the program few month back,
    I was happy to see the two girls stand up for the Muslim woman,
    it showed that it’s not all bad.

    it is sad that some people are still stereotyping but in the end when you see the good, you know we are alright ^.^

  5. I would guess that some proportion of the people who simply left without saying anything left because they were offended, and probably some will not return to the store. People often will opt for a silent rejection of behavior they dislike because they do not want to become involved in public conflict, but that doesn’t mean they approve of the behavior. They vote with their feet and simply leave.

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