Copy of the complaint letter against My Islamic culture teacher

Dear Ms. Sareh

I would like to call your attention in two matters regarding Islamic culture 4 class under Ms.  Al Enizi.

During our midterm exam Ms. Hanan was handing out the exam sheets to the students but when she got to me, she disrespectfully threw the exam sheet on table next to other student. It was very offensive but I didn’t discuss or argue about it since we are having our exams. However, a few minutes later I asked her to clarify a couple of questions and she refused to answer me.  On the other hand, she was answering other student’s questions. After insisting over and over again she eventually answered me briefly but it is very obvious that she is discriminating against me, many students noticed that Ms. Hanan is being rude with me and I complained about it to Dr.  Al Sayyed but I didn’t get a respond from her yet. Anyhow, there was a tricky question in the exam that I believe is way too hard to be answered for many reasons.

The question in Arabic as it’s written in the exam sheet,

س / يجوز للشعب او الرعيه ازاحة الحاكم اذا كان فاسقا او يظلم الرعية ( صح او خطاء)؟

The literal translation of the question in English: (true of false) People have the right to remove ” the governor or the guardian” from the power if he is being dissolute and unfair to people.

Now what makes this question tricky is that the book says different things in this matter.

1/ صفحه 92 : ان طاعة ولي الامر فقط تكون في غير معصية الله ( الفسق و ظلم الرعيه هي معصيه لله)

2/ صفحه 93: ان طاعة ولى الامر واجبه و لا يجوز الخروج عنه حتى لو كان فاسقا, فالله كفيل بمحاسبته.

3/صفحه 99: ان قوعد الشريعه تمنع الاستبداد و الظلم و تمنع الحاكم و الولاة من تجاوز هذه القواعد.

1-    Page 92: obeying the guardian as long as we are not disobeying god or religion. I personally believe that being dissolute and unfair or not applying justice is disobeying god and religion.

2-    page 93:  we must obey our guardian no matter what, even if he was dissolute because god then will punish him for that later.

3-    Page 99: Islamic law prohibits unfairness or not applying justice and do not allow guardians or governors crossing the law of Islam.

Note Ms. Sareh that the book keeps mentioning that applying justice is very important and it is of the conditions considering when choosing a ruler is that he treats people fairly. The answer in such an argumentative question can be true and false for the mentioned reasons above.

In a second page of the exam sheet there is a question that ask us to write examples of evidence that proves that there were old carees present in mecca in the pre-Islamic period, the answer consist of two points, one of them Is taking care of people who comes for Hajj and I wrote the answer but Ms. Al-Enizi gave me Zero. When I asked Ms. Al-Enizi why she gave me  Zero, she said ” عليه ربع درجه و انتي كتبتي مثال.. كان كتبتي تسة عشر المثال الموجودين في الكتاب”

”I put 0.5 marks on the question and you wrote half of the answer so you lost. 0.25 .. and if you want to get the other 0.25 you should have write 19 exmples as its written in the book” And as she was telling me that she had a very mean smirk on her face. Although, Ms. Hanan said that we must write two examples and each will be for 0.25 which makes a total of 0.50, I wrote one example only and yet she gave me Zero!!!! Ms. Hanna has been bullying me up in the class to no end! and I am finding it very hard to learn in such hostile environment and unreasonable discrimination. I am being verbally and non verbally abused by Ms. Hanan since the begging of the semester and I tried to talk to her in person and work things out but she wouldn’t listen to me. All the bullying and the harassment I have gone through have made me feel very uncomfortable in the class. Therefore, I am kindly asking you to help me with his matter.

I was shocked that Ms. Al-Enizi discourages nursing students from working. She once asked the students ” what would you prefer? Working hard for long hours as a nurse with day and night shifts and have to deal with a lot of career problems or stay home and treated as princess? Be honest girls!” she said.

Few students said yes it would be better to stay at home and not work. What made me very concerned is that Ms. Hanan seemed very happy once she heard the student saying yes as if she was waiting for that answer. I was the only one who said no and the rest of the students didn’t want to say anthing. Ms. Al-Enizi criticized me with irritated voice tone ” you are different as always, you always have a different opinion”. When I asked her, what about you Ms. Hanan What do you think? She refused to answer the question and said” I am an exception” and In different occasion Ms. Hanan was encouraging students to stay home rather than work outside she said:

” المراءه لها مخرجان, مخرجا من بيت ابيها الى بيت زوجها و مخرجا من بيت زوجها الى قبرها”

The literal translation of what Ms. Al-Enizi said: a woman has two exit doors, one from her father’s house to her husband’s and from her husband’s to her grave”. Which is a metaphor meaning of that woman should never go out of the house and it’s better for them to stay at home until they die.  

It really worries me that mentioning the negative aspects of the nursing career and emphasizing of career problems related to working hours or day\ night shifts and enforce the idea of ” staying home is better ”  to nursing students would discourage them. I believe that the staff in the college of nursing encourages nursing students to continue their education and work as nurses in the future and would want the nursing students to be positively encouraged by other staff members as well.

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6 thoughts on “Copy of the complaint letter against My Islamic culture teacher

  1. So sorry to hear that. What does Ms. Hanna Al Enizi says about her own career? Why does she work and does not stay at home? May be you should take the photo of Ms. Hanna and put it in this post and then send it to her to let her know that it is all going public 🙂
    Or you can give me the Email address of Ms. Hanna. I will confront her directly.

  2. for the photo and the email adress I must get her premssion first.

    but to tell ya the truth I don’t think she would listen to ya.. coz she wouldn’t listen to me. thts why I had to go 2the head of the department!

  3. Although it is really sad to read such a story, I cannot say that I am totally surprised!
    Such mentalities that like to see the ‘the goodness’ from their own angel and refuse to give others the right to have their own views have always been around! And what’s add insult to the injury is that such behavior is coming from those working in the education field, those who should teach us to think openly and critically are actually asking us not to argue and follow their one and only view!

    Do not feel sad Omaima, unfortunately, we’ve been there!!

  4. She will be a person from the past soon. Saad is right, we have all met people like this and have had to deal with them, especially here. Want a tip? Be extra nice to her. Kill her resentment with your kindness. It will be hard, but you will win.

  5. Salaam Omaima!
    Ive just discovered your blog, and I really enjoyed it, keep up the good work 🙂
    Im also a nurse in Riyadh btw!
    Regarding this incident, remember that she is only picking on you and bullying you because you have something she wishes to have. In other words, you somehow make her feel insecure. I’m guessing you’re an outspoken intelligent woman, and many women see that as a threat.
    I hope that something will be done to solve this issue but from my own similar experiences, I have to tell you that most likely management will brush it off and do nothing..
    But don’t let this put you down!


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