Four guys taking turns when shooting a man

I just read this article in alanween online newsletter.
This is aa very shocking story so I translated into English to share it with ya all!
A man  revealing his darkest secret after 12 years!

A 23 years old guy can no longer take it anymore, he told the police about the secret that
he has been holding for almost 12 years now.

 As I was standing next to my home in Al-Deera neighborhood in Al Hassa city( East Saudi), I saw four men at the age of ( 20 – 27) took turns when shooting a man untill he died, the guy said. My dad told me to say nothing, because he was afraid that those men might try to harm me. However, When My father died the murders  threatened me and told me not to speak out about what I have seen. They raped me and forced me to take drugs untill I got fed up, the man said.
The Police now have the four men in custody under investigation.

this is really horrible crime!
I don’t really see why the father of the boy didn’t tell the police. In Saudi Arabia the punishment of murder is  execution. So I don’t really see how those men would get to the boy if they were dead!

 I believe the family of the dead man who was murder 12 years ago must be sad and battered that there were 2 people knew what happened but didn’t speak out. I don’t try to blame the boy becuase I can’t imagine how a 11 years old boy feels after seeing men taking turns when shooting someone in such cruel way in cold blood, that must have been hard on him. Then it continues by raping him and forcing him to take drugs! this is really sick. but  I do believe that the father should have told the Police when his son told him about the murder.  He could have protected his son in the whole neighborood as well from those criminals.
I hope those people get the punishment they deserve.


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