Jealous son kills his father and brother

Another shocking murder crime in Al Hassa ( East Saudi). 


A young man kills his own father and brother because he is jealous of his siblings. One of the murder’s brother said, My father loves us more and my brother is jealous because of that, he use to beat my father and threaten to burn the house and kill everyone. My father reported that to  police and they took my brother into custody but then he was released when my father decided to forgive him. However, once he got out of jail, went to my father’s work and beated him in front of the staff but my father didn’t call the police this time.

One of my brothers decided to talk to him about his way in treating my father and got angry and broke the door. Later that night things got quiet, we had dinner and then everyone went to sleep.
The murder took a metal sharp tool, went o my brothers bedroom and starting hitting him on the head untill he passed out, then he went to my father’s bedroom and did the same. After that, he got a knife from the kitchen and started stabbing my father and brother untill death. After making sure that both my brother and father are dead, he went to my sisters bedroom and asked them to leave the house so they don’t see the dead bodies. One of my sisters called the police after she became suspicious.later on the police came and took care of everything.

The son confessed to the police and said I did this because of family problems.

Okaz newspaper:



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