Brutal wife rape



I was in my way to my home when I heard the news on Al Arabia News Channel about this brutal crime of a Tunisian man raping his wife right after the wedding ceremony!

The Tunisian couple first started a ” networking relationship” through the internet and at that time the man was living in Germany. Later on, they decided to take their relationship further and get marry. Just after the wedding ceremony they went to a hotel room, that’s when the husband suddenly turned into a monster. He brutally raped his wife in a very aggressive and cruel way; he burnt her with cigarettes and then took nude pictures of her. After that, the husband left the hotel room.

The battered wife called her brother right away and told him about the incidence, he picked her up and went to the nearest hospital in town.  The doctors reported a cute internal bleeding. The wife was referred to a Psychiatric consultant for further treatment.

The verdict of sending the man to a life sentence was announced yesterday in some Arabic newspaper and news channels. This kind of crimes happen very often in the Arab world and yet Muslim men get away with it in many other countries, so knowing that some Muslims countries consider forced sexual intercourse is a crime even if she was his wife is surprising.

In Saudi Arabia men have total control of their wives! They legally can imprison their wives at home and not let them go to work, school or even visit their family, women must obey their husband, if a woman disobeyed her husband the husband have the right to beat her.

in most rape cases in the arab world, women  are considered criminals not victims, we all read about the Saudi girl from Qatife who was raped by 7 men and was sentenced to jail for being alone with those men without a male guardian ( brother, father or a son) and they made it all her fault

In most Arab countries they kill girls who were raped ( honor killing) because they believe that they are clearing their family’s name by killing her. I know it does not make sense, but thats how it is. Just to let you know that those who are accused of  Honor killing ( wether because their sisters, daughters were raped or had premarital sex) will get a soft punishment or penlty like 5 years  in persion or so.




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9 thoughts on “Brutal wife rape

  1. There is no such thing as “rape within wedlock”. The incident you mentioned is a case of violence, domestic violence or physical abuse. Of course the man should be legally charged for his crime, but the rape accusation will be the wrong charge to put against him. I know some western countries have such “rape within wedlock” laws but then they also have laws for “same sex marriage”. At least in an Islamic society there is no place for such nonsense.

    If “rape within wedlock” is to be accepted, then any wife can go to the police station accusing her husband of being rapist. Where would this end?

    • I respectfully disagree with you Usman. FORCED sexual intercourse is a RAPE no matter what, whether it was with a gf or a wife. Domestic violence is a wide term describes an abuse whether a sexual, physical oremotional (psychological) that is happening within the family.
      yeah I thought Arab countries don’t have such a thing ( rape within wedlock) but Tunisian Judge verdict was based on rape and other accusations as well.

      • Instead of asserting your opinion loudly, you better back it up within the teaching of Islam. There is no such thing as “Zina with wife”. It would be a domestic violence treating her brutally, whether you consider it broader term or not. I like to know what would a husband do if his wife go to police station next morning and accuses her husband raping her. Some western countries even have laws to sentence the wife if she “rapes her husband” which is of course even a bigger nonsense. What is your say on that??

        If you are looking for western style secular approach to these matters and human rights issues then you don’t have to stop here. Using their line of arguments you can even prove “homosexuality” as natural. But then we will not be talking on same page.

    • NO MEANS NO! Married or not! Any wife should have the right to be loved, respected and safe in her own home. This isn’t just an Islamic problem. It happens all over the world and I am sad to say even here in America. The last family menber who was beaten by her husband ( I understand this topic is rape w/in marrige) had a hammer taken to his hand, my me and my mother! And that is where it ended!
      Married women who love thier husband don’t go running around screaming rape. This is a frivolus argument that gives hand to emable rape. Where would this end…. UR SICK!

  2. Zina is premarital sex and homosexuilty is same sex. Saying that forced Sex is rape is not a western style, its common sense. I am planning to write about homosexuilty and premarital sex in Saudi Arabia soon.

    • Zina is the sex outside of wedlock. You might know the difference between Rajim (stoning) and flogging as punishment for the Zina by a married and zina by an unmarried.

      Saying that forced sex within wedlock is “rape” IS a western style and no common sense. I know about homosexuality. And I also know about the “common sense” of those who prove it “natural”.

    • I understand my religon is not yours but premarital sex and homosexuality are 2 different sins. But in God’s eye it doesn’t matter wether it a white lie or murder, if it is wrong it’s a sin.

  3. Rape aint a western style thing. If you have sexual intercourse with your wife, or other sexual relation with her, AGAINST her WILL, then it is rape. And you are the one to blame for that, and you should be the one punished for it. When a woman say no to sex, then accept it and respect it.

  4. unfortunately, I read all your topics and I think you have problem Omimma which is antisocial personality. I understand that you discussed some problems happen in everywhere in the world , but in your discussion you are biased against specific country, religion and people. this is not the good way to write about something you must learn how to write away from your feeling to be a good writer and people will like what you write, but in this way people will look at you as mentally ill. I will give you a simple example, scientists when they try to understand phenomenon they look at the roots of this phenomenon and the root of its how , where and why, they don’t accused people or society or religion they looking for reasons only. try to let your topic open and the readers guess what the reason instead of you.

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