what’s the buzz in Saudi Arabia?

Sheikh Ahmad Al Ghamdi against social desirability!

Sheikh Ahmad Al Ghamdi

Sheikh Ahmad Al Ghamdi

There is a huge buzz nowadays in Saudi Arabia regarding gender segregation. One of the Sheikhs who works for the CPVPV (Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) named Ahmad Qassim Al Ghamdi stated that mixing in education, work or travelling is okay and not a taboo, as long as it’s within the regulation of Islam and that women and men are mixing anyways in hospital and in malls and sometimes at homes as well, especially when there is a maid (unrelated woman) or a driver.

 Sheikhs fight club!


Sheikh Al Nenjaimi

Sheikh Al Nenjaimi

Then Another sheikh named Al Nejimi was pissed off because of Shaikh Ahamd Al Ghamdi’s statement and said that those who call for mixing should be killed and he supported the fatwa that was made up by Sheikh Al Barak (Fetwa is a religious opinion in regards with  a certain practice or matter), it stated that those who call for mixing is should be killed. Ironically, the media published some pictures of the Sheikh Al Nejaimi with women and he seems very happy with them.

 Sheikh Al Obaikan lost his mind! On the other hand, another Skheikh named al Obaikan allows women to breast-feed their male coworkers in order to be able to raise the segregation rule between a man and a woman, by making their relationship more maternal. In Islam there is motherhood through a breast-feeding under certain rules, if a woman fully breast-feeds a baby 5 times, that baby boy or girl becomes a brother or sister to her kids and considered her son as w ell, even if s/he wasn’t biologically related to her or her husband.  I got to say when I first read it I burst out laughing; I just couldn’t picture an adult man sucking a woman’s breast and consider it purely maternal.  Actually I believe its gross and probably wishful thinking for perverts!

My mom’s friends were joking about it and said it’s a good Fatwa, they will breast-feed every man in the neighborhood so they don’t have to cover themselves up when they go out. Imagine that in Saudi woman covers her face and body because it’s too erotic yet letting an adult man sucks her breasts is not?!!

Saudi women driving cars soon!?

Another buzz is about allowing women to drive, we know in Saudi women are not allowed to drive cars. Recently, a sheikh stated that its not a taboo in Islam and women use to ride camels or horses before the invention of cars back then at Prophet Mohammad’s time and it wasn’t a taboo. Which is away to prepare Saudi men before the actual implementation of the new rule.


Saudi women protesting against mixing!

I was very shocked to read Sheikh Al Ghamdi’s statement about mixing knowing that he is putting his career in danger since Saudi culture is extremely strict especially when it comes to gender segregation. But what was even more shocking is women responds to it, I read in the Arab news paper that women are gathering signatures from other women in Jeddah against mixing. Gathering signatures is Saudi style of protesting. That reminded of me of a term we use in research called Social desirability bias” which describes the tendency of respondents to reply in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others.

Those Saudi women, who protested against mixing, did it because in the Saudi culture the majority of people here believe mixing is a prohibited in Islam so the majority of Saudis will view those ladies as decent Muslim women who are on the right path.

 Although there is no such a verse in the holy Quran says so but yet they do it for the sake of their culture and to be viewed favorably by others.

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Sheikh Al Obaikan

Sheikh Al Obaikan


One thought on “what’s the buzz in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Hello Omaima …
    It is not a secret that we, not only as Saudis but as Arabs, do not know how to discuss and debate ideas. That’s why such opinions end up to be used in different ideological wars instead of using them to enrich the society!

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