A trip called nightmare

I love to see the little tiny cars from the sky, the clouds (although we don’t have much of them here in Riyadh) and the fascinating desert from above. So every time I travel anywhere, I tell the reservation officer that I want to be placed next to the window. I never ever asked for anything else, not even which meal I prefer to have (vegetarian, seafood.. etc.) does not really matter, I just want to enjoy the view. I get pleasure from traveling no matter how short or long the trip is.s

I travelled over 20 times and I never had a bad trip at all, until couple of months ago.  I was travelling from North Saudi to Riyadh; I always chose Saudi airlines since students gets 50% discount on the economical seats tickets. I got in the plane and I was a bit shocked how crowded the plane was, especially that it wasn’t weekend or vacation. I went looking for my seat when the flight attendant from the back of the plane called me ”Madam” and pointed with her fingers at the last seat at the very end of the plane.0

I went there and I couldn’t find the seat?????!1

The flight attendant told an obese lady who was sitting on the left to make me some space!!!1

Yes she was latterly taking 70% of my seat!!1

There is no way that this lady would fit in a economical seat, she should have bought 2 seats or got the first class or something. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change the seat because there were no more available seats, the plane was full. So I took the seat and I was extremely uncomfortable since only half of my on the seat and the other half is out in the air!1

Yeah I had to put the sides up so I can sit. Later on, they started serving dinner and since the lady was extremely big, she couldn’t use unfold her table, so she used mine!1

I thought it was very rude from her side for not considering other passengers, and very thoughtless from the reservation officer for giving her an economical seat. I didn’t want to be rude with the lady or hurt her feelings so I didn’t do anything about it, I know the plane is full anyways and speaking with the flight attendant would just embarrass the lady. However, next time I travel I’ll make sure that I get a full seat not just a 30% of it.1


4 thoughts on “A trip called nightmare

  1. Im sorry to hear that omi, i hope such a bad experience will never happen to you again.
    I cant believe you didn tell me about this before though :O

  2. HAHA! Exact same thing happened to me two weeks ago, except the Big Guy had the window-seat and I had the middle. So it was not as bad as you situation. But I was pretty squeezed between this fat fella on the right and and not-so-slim lady on my left. I wish somone could have taken a picture.

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