Criminal Officer

Photo of the rapist from Okaz Newspaper

Photo of the rapist from Okaz Newspaper

Thieves wearing  a police man uniform has become quite  popular in Saudi Arabia,  I have read many stories  in the Newspapers about thieves who would fool mostly foreigners ( none Saudis) to steal their phones, their jewellery andlaptops and at times they would bully their victims or even beat them up. However, This time the fake police man took it a bit further!

According to Okaz Newspaper, the Indonesian lady who lives in Jeddah was very surprised when a man  who appeared to be a police officer knocked the door  and told her that she is wanted.

He went to her bedroom and stole valuable stuff  and then went back to the lady. He threatened her if she ever called for help or reported anything for the police. Right after that, the lady pulled herself together andwent directly to the police station and described the man so they made a sketch that is identical to her description. It didn’t take the police officer long time to catch the rapist. When he was first confronted with the charges, he denied everything and he said that he has nothing to do with the crime, but after bringing the lady in so she would identify the criminal, she pointed at him and he confessed his crime.

Those kind of criminals usually target residents mostly from neighboring  Arab countries, Asians and Africans.

So guys be careful! next time an officer stops you .. ask him to show you his badge!


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