4 months in Jail & 90 lashes for kissing unrelated woman!

According to Saudi newsletters, Saudi young guys ” a man and 2 ladies ” were caught doing inappropriate movements in the mall, later  the young man got  caught while  kissing and hugging one of the ladies in the mall’s surveillance cameras. The security contacted the religious police to take an action. Shalikh Al Besher said that they man was charged for 4 months in Jail with 90 lashes in Qatife court. The 2 ladies is going to face the charges in Dammam court since they live there.

Those young couple  who got caught kissing   probably didn’t expect the surveillance camera in  a coffee shop!
4 months and 90 lashes is not a harsh punishment compared with the lady who is probably going to face a life time punishment. The charges or the punishment of being with unrelated man/woman is equal BUT  the not so lucky lady is going to face  not only the court-house,  but her family and the society.

In Saudi culture, it’s not acceptable for woman to date, woman who dishonor her family might be killed or left in jail for the rest of her life, she can’t get out of jail unless her father, brother or a male relative signed a consent and picked her up him self.

However, in Saudi a lot of female prisoners stay there because their families abandoned them for a mistake the made when they were teens like 12 years old or so! I remember when I was in the 8th grade they bring female jailor to give advises and tell stories that would make teen girls think twice before going out with a man!

A typical Saudi man who dated girls or had premarital sex will do his time and then will go out of jail, get a job and probably get marry and have kids, but for the ” not-so-lucky woman” its probably her last kiss and more likely that she will face life time sentence since she dishonored her family!




5 thoughts on “4 months in Jail & 90 lashes for kissing unrelated woman!

  1. Though all through my life, I never took a single woman out on a date, I think this punishment is TOOO Harsh. In fact, there should be no punishment for this, just a good lecture on the pros and cons of it should do. I never took anyone out on a date because of this reason : the respect of the woman. How can I protect her if I am not related to her? So why put her in this position?
    Just does not work here. So why get into it?

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