Pitutary Adenoma discussion board

About three years ago I was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called pituitary adenoma, it grows within the pituitary gland that it located in the base of the brain. This gland is extremely important because it’s hormones are responsible of major functions of the human body such as growth, blood pressure, metabolism, temperature regulation, water and osmolarity, pregnancy, sex organ function in both women and men and regulating  thyroid gland function.

Brain tumor that grows in the pituitary gland not only affect the gland’s function but it also might cause vision problems since its very close to the optic nerves.

I have done  endoscopic transphenoidal brain surgery  to remove the tumor last Oct in the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh.

After I recovered from the surgery I received a lot of emails from people who have similar brain tumor asking me about the surgery, recovery and many other things. 

 I made this room to share my experience of the endoscopic transphenoidal brain surgery  and answer questions regarding the treatment options, surgery and the recovery.


7 thoughts on “Pitutary Adenoma discussion board

  1. Congratulations that you are doing so well following such and illness, and surgery. It is wonderful for you to share your history, and provide a sounding board for others.

    Have you made others, like relevent hospital clinics, physicians, and nurses, aware of your site, and willingness to provide a supportive place for sharing information and experiences with other patients, so that they may refer patients here?

    I know a number of Saudis wanting to establish support groups or websites for different illnesses. It is an excellent idea.

    Congratulations again on your own resilience, and efforts here.

  2. Slaam Omaima, good work. hope you are doing great. Thanks for your detail message at the time when I was worried and waiting for my pituitory surgery. My sugery was done on 14th of June 2010. Since then my sight is back as I was losing sight in my right eye. I started my work soon after four weeks as part time and now I am working full time and also started playing volly ball too. I do get tired bit more than before but my life is back and my sight is 100% back. Thanks to Allah and Doctor Sirhan and Dr. Mohammad and their team here in royal victoria hospital Montreal canada.

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