Not of your business!

Omaima: Whats your name?

The patient: Malek Dakhal. Malek Dakhal   means; not of your business.

Omaima: Brother, I need to know your name so I can get your file.

The patient: yes My name is Malek Dakhal.

Now Malek in classical arabic language means owner but in Arabic slang its not of!

Dakhal in Arabic is not a name. Its a verb means ” came”  but in Arabic slang it has completely different meaning. When the verb Dakhal comes after the word Malek, like ( Malek Dakhal )  it means It’s not of your business.

Malek Dakhal is known among all Saudis, it’s not like northern or eastern Saudi slang only. Thats why I wouldn’t really think of it as a name, who would name his child Malek when he has the name Dakhal!!!!

Basically, every time the man meets somebody he introduces him self as ” not of your business” !!!


8 thoughts on “Not of your business!

    • well .. like what.. Omar or Mohammad Dakhal .. so everytime he interduces him self he says ” hey I just came in” !
      its the father’s name that need to be changed.

  1. what a realy shame !!
    Dear omaima, I believe they are answering like that because the nurse is saudi. some of them are looking at the saudi nurses as they are nothing , I see it , it happens.

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