Sneaking food in Ramadan

When I was 8 years old My uncle told me ” Omaima you are going to fast next year so you must start fasting at least 3 days a week in Ramadhan this year so by next Ramadhan when you are 9 you will not have problems with fasting”.

 In Islam we must practice religion at the age of 9, that  includes praying 5 times & fasting Ramadan. Honestly, I didn’t want to fast but his way was like ”’ you are going to do it soon or later ”. Praying was not a problem for me, I use to pray with my mom occasionally when I was only 5 years old so I was ready for it but, for a food lover, fasting for over 12 hours is quite frightening.

I remember My first fasting day in Ramadan, I woke up early and I was really hungry.It was around 8 A.M and I had to fast untill sunset!!!! It seemed too long for an extremely hungry person, so I decided to sneak food. I  walked into the kitchen while everybody was asleep. I drank plenty of water, had cheese burger sandwich and  soda! :)))))))))))

Of course I knew I won’t get caught since in Ramadan no body wakes up early. Usually in Ramadan people stay awake all night long  and  sleep after the morning prayer. Knowing that everybody just went to bed made me feel that I will never get caught. 🙂

I kept doing it  every Ramadan because it became a habit, I kept sneaking food during Ramadan untill I was in 7th grade!!

of course it’s not that I never fasted Ramadhan at all, I just sometimes when I feel too hungry I eat a little, well maybe not so little :S !!

 By the way, I am not a cheese burger fan, but that day for some reason that cheese burger tasted like heaven!!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Sneaking food in Ramadan

  1. Haha! I think we all did this at some point in our lives!

    I remember my brother sneaking a drink from the Vimto pitcher from the fridge in the middle of the day. I caught him and gave him such a fright that he spilled the drink all over himself and got found out by the whole household!

  2. LOL ! Hilarious! 😀 I used to sneak food all the time! I’m glad I’m not the only one xD .. I remember stopping after dad caught me and gave me a long lecture about the wonders of Ramadan x) I don’t remember if the topic itself made me stop or that I was too bored from the lecture to do it again xD

  3. i started fasting half a day, actually. my mom would give me a sandwich around lunch time. i didnt have to sneak food, but i had to fast when i was 10.

  4. LOL! I was the opposite. I never had an issue with fasting as a child. only now it’s become harder due to my caffiene addiction. When I was a kid, I had difficulty with praying so I would put a book on the floor in front of me and turn the page every sajda.

  5. lol… I have a dirty little secret to admit to… when I was in my early teens, whenever I got my period (which was already quite long at about 10-12 days), I would ALWAYS add an extra few days before I would start praying or fasting. Its not that I didn’t want to pray or fast, I was just lazy, and kind of liked the feeling of not having something on my head all day long.. 😀 I have since out grown that.. 😀

    Loved this post.. and great blog 🙂

  6. I suppose that the burger was without pork:-)
    In any case, I’ve heard that fasting from time to time it’s good for the body but to eat later in the evening is very bad because the body has no time to burn the calories. It would be better to change a little the rules and to say to the people that they have to eat in the morning as much as they can instead of the evening.
    Catholics and orthodox people has to do that one or two times a yearbefore easter. As the muslim religion started seven undred years after the christian, I suppose that the prophet wants to do better and to be more strict. So it is. Now, if this is better or worser I leave that to other people 🙂
    Have a good day.

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