Copy of Electronic Graduation Invitation…

This is an Email received from Ms. Wafa  the director of internship program regarding the graduation ceremony. Yes,  after 4 years and 6 months I have finally finished the nursing school. I am proud that I didn’t fail in any course through out all those years. It’s a day that I have been waiting for almost 5 years.  =) I am doing my internship at the National Guard hospital in Riyadh now. The internship is going to be for a year and I just started a bout a month ago. Well, I just wanted  to share the thrill with my blog readers.

Here is the copy of the electronic graduation invitation that I received from M.s Wafa

All A BIG congratulation for the long waited graduation ceremony.. Probably you know by now that the graduation date was brought forward, so it is Sat May 7th 2011 now. The ceremony will start around 5 to 6 pm (detailed and confirmed program will be forwarded to you later). Here are some housekeeping staff that you need to be aware off and abide by for the ceremony: · Each will receive an invitation card to one female family member or a friend. You will be notified when the cards will be ready for collection from the college. For those who are coming from outside Riyadh, you cards will be handed over to you on arrival on the graduation date. Hopefully by tomorrow I will let you know who is the person to contact on arrival to get the cards from. · Graduation gowns: all gowns will be provided by the college free of charges. Collection date for gowns will be same day of graduation Sat May 7th from 09:00 onward. I strongly advise you that you come as early as possible to collect your gown because the variety of sizes are limited and graduates from other university colleges are included in the ceremony, therefore some highly wanted sizes might be out of stock early. · Dress code; graduation ceremony is a formal event. Therefore dress code is formal or smart at least. Black closed-front shoes, No sandals, under the gown please ensure that you wear black skirts or trousers. You may dress in any top as long as it doesn’t show from the gown’s neck. However, if you are expecting your gown to reveal your top please select white or neutral solid color. · Rehearsal for the graduation march will start at 3.30 pm, it is very important that all of you will attend so you know the march path and your location in addition to timing of the event and name calling. The college will reserve one of the hall for the graduates so you may change there, put make up if you want or simply catch up with your colleagues. The college will provide snacks for graduates at 2.30 pm. · Those who are coming from Al-Ahsa or Jeddah and would need housing on Friday or Sat, please let me know ASAP in order to arrange it. Please keep checking your e-mail for further follow up. I am very proud of you all




7 thoughts on “Copy of Electronic Graduation Invitation…

  1. Hello there… Alf Alf Mabrooook! It’s an amazing feeling when you have accomplished something you have worked so hard on!

    PS- Why is ur site blocked here[in Saudi]? I am only accessing thanks to hotspot shield :s

    • Hello Om Lujain
      Allah Ybarik feek. Thank you!
      yeah it was a bit emotional..! 🙂 Mom attended my graduation ceremony and she was very happy.
      yeah my site has been blocked for about a month in Saudi. I don’t know why its blocked. However, I believe that a pervious post that I wrote about the religious police must be the reason.. maybe.. maybe not.. I don’t know.
      I spoke with Eman Al Nafjan, I believe she is a friend of yours, and I told her about it and I asked her for an advise. Eman told me to start a campaign to ask ppl to fill the ” unblock request”.
      I will do that very soon inshallah.

  2. Yeah, this is one of those big-sigh-of-relief-moments in life. Big congratulations, although belated!

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