Stupidity wins

I waited for 20 minutes on the road waiting for a taxi cap to stop. It was about 45 degrees that day. I felt like a piece of grilled kebab. I was about to give up and go back home! When I found one, he saw my face and he knew I was waiting for so long under the son and I’m about to get a heat stroke. so he knew I’ll pay him as much as he wanted just to get in the car. He charged me double and I had to pay him. That’s because I didn’t have another choice since Saudi women are not allowed to drive cars. On my way to work I saw a young boy that seemed around 8-9 years old who was driving a car. That boy was speeding around (110 k/h) while the max is 70 k/h. You can imagine everyone was heading to work and with all the traffic there in the street the boy didn’t fear the police nor the people who might call the police. Thats because its ” okay and its normal ” to see male child driving. On the other hand,  Manal Al Sharif who is 32  year old computer security consultant working in one of the biggest oil companies in the world ARAMCO ,  has 2 driving licence one is international driving licence was arrested for driving a car because she was a ” female”.

Here is a video of Saudi boy who is drifting while his family video taping that. The Police never made any attempt to arrest or to investigate what was happening. But when Manal was video taped while driving she was sent behind bars right away..

I really I felt terrible for having to wait for so long when its hot and for to pay double because I can’t drive since I’m a woman speically when I saw that child driving freelly.

Soooo, a family videotaope their child drifting and they get away with it but Manal Al Sharif gets arrested because she drove a car!!!


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3 thoughts on “Stupidity wins

  1. Ignorance prevails. I don’t really know what you guys are waiting for. IMHO the worst situation a human can be in is to be a woman in Saudi Arabia. You basically have to deal with disrespect and perverted men to name a couple on a daily basis, I know I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

    PS: If you want people to access your blog without the government’s interference, set up SSL (characterized by the web address being prefixed by an https instead of merely http) which encrypts the session between the user and the server, making it indecipherable for their filtering farms.

    The reason you can probably post to your blog without using a proxy (assuming you are not) is that the wordpress administration interface is accessible via SSL. As far as my somewhat limited knowledge of WP goes, they do not offer SSL access to sites, so you might want to consider something else. Feel free to DM me on twitter @ziyadb_ if you would like some help setting it up! Albeit your efforts might be futile, awesome cause 😉

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