My first day in labor & delivery as a Nurse intern

I was outside the department of labor and delivery, waiting for a phone call when a blond middle aged lady came out of the door. Apparently she was also going out but instead she looked at me for a while and went back inside  in a rush as
if she has forgotten something. A minute later, my boss came out and said ” Omaima, I just got a report says that you are sitting here outside. Are youokay??? It seems like you are not interested in working here. What do you want
patients to thank of you?? Its not professional when you are on duty to sit
outside like that in a relaxed position on the chair. Once you come on duty you
are not allowed to leave your preceptor, you know the rules; Interns must be
with their preceptors all times. Your break is also supposed to be with your preceptor,
if she took her lunch break you can take yours. So please go back to the

I was thinking like.. WTF..!! that nurse went back in hurry just to report me..!!! :O that was stick
attitude and very childish as well!

So, I replied to my boss ” are you done?.. IT IS MY LUNCH BREAK

I got angry and shocked of how she approached me.

After that, My Irish boss apologized but I hated the fact that she
came and lectured me for about ten minutes. She wasted 10 minutes of my break
for nothing!

Later I found out from my colleagues that she is well-known among Saudi students and interns as the mean nurse who hate Saudi Nurses.


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