Omaima is in China

Hello everyone,

I have stopped blogging for a while and the reason why I stopped writing is that because I have been busy as hell. I am studying Medicine while I’m still doing my Nursing Internship. I know its complicated but I am taking it like a woman. 😉

I am studying Medicine in China, Jilin. I have been in China for 2 weeks now and I’m trying to settle down here.

I am going to share my experience on my blog and I will also upload some photos 😉  once I settle down first.

unbelievable things happened to me from the moment I arrived in Beijing, China. it was a very eventful trip.

I will also give you advises about what to perpare and what to expect when coming to China mainland =)


9 thoughts on “Omaima is in China

  1. Hi, Omaima! It’s me Jimmy. How are you? It’s getting colder. Don’t forget to wrap up warm if you’re going out. see you

  2. Wow, you are so lucky!! My brother-in-law recently went to China with his family, and they had the best time! Make sure you go to the Great wall, and please let us know about the local cuisine. 🙂

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