Saudi Women are being arrested by The Religous Police

I am writing you now while many Saudi women are being arrested by the Saudi Intelligence Police with the help of the religious Police. They broke into Alrajhi Mosque (where Saudis gathered to protest earlier this year) It is happening now. Riyadh Exit 15. Women who are being arrested are peacefully asking to free their husband’s and son’s who were imprisoned with no criminal charges. It is believed that Saudi government have imprisoned a lot of people who express their opinion about the corruption in Saudi Arabia.  We all remember the famous case of Khalid Al Johani, who was protesting this year and right after the release of his statement on the media he was taken by the intelligence police. His family has not heard from him till this moment.

Please share this to the world to help to free both the women who are being arrested now and the uncharged Criminals in Saudi Arabia.

There is a long list of many Saudis who spent decades in prison with no charges. Its time to set them free.

If you know the names of girls who were  arrested please write it down here – we don’t want them to be forgten behind bars.  Free (Sarah Al Zamil  and Taghrid Al Aqid  ) – ساره الزامل و تغريد العقيد..


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