Saudi Activist Samar Badawi Wins Woman of Courage Award

Samar Badawi standing with her husband Waleed Abu Al Khair

Samar Badawi is a Saudi woman who won a lawsuit against her abusive father who has been abusing her for over 15 years. She fought against the male guardianship system which implies that women should respect their male guardian no matter what he does even if he was abusive. Unfortunately, Samar was charged of disobeying her father and was sentenced to jail, even though she had all the evidences needed to prove that her father is abusing her. Despite the injustice she went through she kept on fighting along with Waleed Abulkhair who was her lawyer at that time and now they are happily married couple. After spending about 6 months in jail Samar was released. She finally won the case against her abusive father  in 2010 but  unfortunatily, not against the male guardian system. Her uncle on her father side became her male guardian as per the court order. Samar became an activist and has been participating in activities to promote women rights in Saudi Arabia. You can read more about the story here.

So what control freak sick Saudi men think about Samar winning the prize?

When I read the comments on Samarprize twitter account I found a lot of hateful, sick comments accusing Samar Badawi of disobedience and for not following Islam laws. It’s No surprise that a lot of Saudi men are pissed off and feel threatened by Samar Badwai because she became an inspiration to Saudi women who are going through what she’ve been through with her father. Samar represents a huge number of Saudi women who are being abused by their male guardians.  Women in Saudi Arabia don’t usually speak about it because male guardians are legally protected by the government using fake human-made Islamic laws, made to control women using religion. You can read more about the guardianship system in Saudi Arabia here.

I Believe Samar is a worrier, courageous and bold for taking such a step. I take my hat-off to her, Wajiha Al Huwaider, Manal Al Sharif , Eman Al Nafjan and Many others who contributed in women to drive campaign through driving, blogging and twitting.


3 thoughts on “Saudi Activist Samar Badawi Wins Woman of Courage Award

  1. Congratulations to Samar Badawi.
    I have always thought the W2Drive campaign important since seeing the results of horrid road accidents in KSA. Stories about young men killing themselves by falling asleep at the wheel seemed common. Drunken driving is not unknown in the Kingdom. The driving ban, and for that matter the guardianship rules are terrible
    for the more ‘working class’ women.

    As for Saudi men, the myopic attitude of many of them comes from their acceptance of a large class of foriegn workers who are exploited in hellish fashion that deliberately victimise the poorest and weakest workers, many of whome speak neither Arabic nor English…. these are the ones who don’t get paid at all.
    Other countries have similar unfeeling men…, even the UK.

    Luckily there are exceptions, and the Women of Saudi should all congratulate the young men who shot those videos of ‘Poverty in the City’ during the summer of 2011….. and faced government wrath for doing so.

  2. I side with the woman, yes a man should be a guardian for a woman because Islam says so, but to abuse her is totally against the folds of Islam. The ‘system’ in Saudi allowing cases like this to go out of the window is lawfully and Islamically wrong no matter what they try and say. Abuse is not from Islam. Therefore, before articles like this are posted giving a bad name to Islam, one must know that behaviour like this is not from Islam.

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