Saudi Woman Converts to Christianity

A 28 year-old Saudi woman has decided to become Christian after she was convinced by Lebanese coworker to join the Christian religion. Saudi woman who is named Mariam left Saudi Arabia. The Lebanese Coworker along with Saudi man Helped Mariam to go to Bahrain then to Lebanon. The family of the girl is now suing the 2 guys in Saudi Arabia accusing them of misleading and deceiving their daughter.

Mariam appeared in video on youtube religious channel called   talking about how god showed her that Christianity is the right religion in her dreams. She says” I have asked god to show me the truth in my dreams and within a week  god showed me that Jesus is his son , if you are uncertain about your religion, if you feel lost, ask god to guide you and he will”

The above video shows Mariam talking to guy who was also Muslim and converted to Christianity. The video is in Arabic with no English subtitles.

Saudi twitter users have created 2 hashtags to talk about it  ‎#لبناني_ينصر_فتاة_سعودية‏ ‎#مريم_السعودية

Saudi people seems to be very angry and blaming that mix working environment, meaning both men and women working at the same place was the reason why she became christian and some has blamed it on her parents for not rising her well. Other people have accused her of being Shiite.  Some Saudis wrote in twitter that they want the Saudi gov to drag her back to Saudi Arabia and charge her with crime of apostasy. Yes, choosing a different religion that is not Islam is considered a crime in Saudi Arabia, and if a person proven that  she or he has left Islam, she/ or he will be facing death plenty after giving three chances to return back to Islam.

If Mariam brought back by the Saudi government, she will be charged for apostasy, and she will be given 3 chances to return to Islam, if she didn’t she will face death plenty,  in other term ” beheading”.

Mariam is not the first Saudi woman who converted to Christianity, Fatima Al Mutairi is believed to be murdered by her religious Muslim brother. It is believed that her brother has burnt her alive. I personally has read some of what she wrote back in 2008 in religious christian website, Fatima has never left Saudi Arabia. She was murdered by her brother. The Lebanese christian channels and website are the only one who reacted when they found out she was murdered. Very few Saudis know about Fatima Al Mutairi.  The website where Fatimah use to write is blocked. Unfortunately I lost the link but you can google the story of Fatimah.

Saudi online newspaper

I am very sure now after I publish this post Saudis will accuse me of encouraging people to convert to Christianity or would say I’m not a muslim. Just so you know I’m Muslim, but I don’t hate other people just because they read from different book.

”My choice is what i chose to do;
and if I’m causin no harm,
it shouldn’t bother you.
Your choice is who you chose to be;
and if your causin to harm, then your alright with me.”

Ben Harper


83 thoughts on “Saudi Woman Converts to Christianity

  1. Well, I’m not sure if people will hate you because you’ve used a “descriptive” style of stating “what is” rather than “what should be”, while keeping your personal opinion out of it. Allow me to salute you for your objective approach.. though opinionated stances are sometimes important to stir things and move them forwards..

    If I had to add my own opinion, here it is:

    whenever I see someone converting from one religion to another (regardless of what is it), I see a person seeking a different “experience”. humans and cultures are largely part of our experiences (including religious ones)..

    since the current christian experience tends to focus on love (after years of religious tyranny in medieval Europe), this experience of love could very well have attracted her and others towards Christianity (rather than the notion of ultimate truth, which i personally no longer believe in, meaning i do not blv in the superiority of one over the other)

    When we compare her new-found christian “experience of love” to the so-called experience of “harsh, hateful, Arabian peninsula Islam”, shaped by the harsh desert climate and the political motives that use it as a masquerade.. obviously the message of love and shunning hate seems more appealing to the simple individual looking for a new light to understand his/her god..

    that’s my own interpretation while watching her video.. and it could a cliche response..

    since our society leans towards socialism rather than individualism, it will take people a while before they start getting used o the idea that individuals have their own right to chose their personal paths..

    but i hope she’s safe and happy with whatever personal choices she has made..

    also, i think you forgot to add makkah pastor (Homoud Al-Amri) as an important christian Saudi convert figure..

    thank you for the interesting articles

  2. Islam clearly says that there is freedom of religion, and that religious beliefs cannot be forced, however, the practical application means that sometimes, muslims agree not to try for force non-muslims to adopt Islam. Despite official teachings, and, although the qur’an forbids it there is enormous force applied to prevent a person who was born into an islamic family, from rejecting muslim beliefs as they grow up and adopting any other religion … . .. many muslim cultures ignore the qur’an’s instruction on this matter, and incorrectly consider this to be apostasy punishable by death. The Qur’an is quite clear that any issues of apostasy will be dealt with in the next life by Allah.

    • you are some how right but countries like Saudi has obsessed by Islam religion and they don’t care what the Quran says they believe Saudi people mind can easily be stolen buy the True bible and its true! if the authority didn’t take actions like killing the one who is converted.
      they think they can hide the truth this way.. you can ask any Islam they try to defend their religion by force cos they dont believe that the quran can defend its self!

    • Dude you’re as dumb as dog shit. You’re just guessing, you know nothing about Islam. The Quran says apostates should be tied to a post and eaten by a dog, and that infidels( people of all other religions) should be beheaded and tortured and their women taken as sexual property(sex slaves), as the prophet Muhammed did himself. Dude you’re a fucking joke, I’d love to meet you and stomp your head in for your deliberate lies.

      • Please temper your language, a Man is judged by the way he speaks. If you did not get a proper education or if you did not learn polite manners at home you can try to overcome this disadvantage by observing and learning from those who have good manners. Thank you in advance for your patience and good luck.

  3. First of all, Omaima, I would like to thank you for your critical thinking. It is indeed a shame to coerce someone into ANY religion. You have no other option than to say you are a muslim and that you love islam. Islam is a religion of slavery – you cant escape, you have no freedom, you cant be what you want to be. All muslims are hence slaves of god, and it is a god who hates romantic love, but apparently loves look on shredded facial bones during stoning.

  4. Motoko please shut up .. offcourse muslims are slaves to god u say it like we dont know or its a bad thing .. I AM ALLAH’S SLAVE .. no doubt about it .. and we have romantic love between married couples .. so before you say anything please slap your self and think what are you actually saying

    • motoko I ddn get u but fadi.. buddy i think he is trying to say that Islam is the fantasy kinda thing 😀 in one part you can not get out of it or you will be killed the other hand is you got 4 more wives to jerk out with 😀

  5. MOTOKO,and all Mulims brothers.
    You are not a slave to GOD. Just analyse yourself and defend are you in a correct path. People should know about what other religion claims. Christians mostly failed to share the meassage what Christ came to deliver. Christ came and said repent and turn towards GOD. His birth death and resurrection was fore said by Prophets like Isiah Zachariah. The resurrection of christ happened afer his death. Jesus said there will be no marriage Life in heaven. He said damn staright repent and turn to GOD.
    P.S. Followers of Christ will read every Holy scriptures

  6. Only by reasoning you get the truth dear friends.
    Analyse what is truth by a research. The GOD is mightiest, which is the way to go to him.

  7. GOD is the only person who can reveal you the truth,
    Dont get decieved by lie, GOD never Lies… He is faithful and TruthFul..
    HE said a thing and made it happen..


      • Hi Pauapi, there is no value for change your name to mohammed or abdullah or Joseph/John like this… only need to change your mind set to be open to peace and love.. you will then know the truth of Jesus Christ the Saviour!

  8. Halleluja! Am a proudly christian who lives in a highly dominated muslim locality and my desire is God should help me in achieving my aim of converting numerous muslim girls and boys. Am in the 1st step now. You guys should help me with prayers.

  9. Well. The fact if any Muslim takes any other’s religion IS not because they do not believe in Islamic. They just want to enjoy their life without feeling guilty or alert to punishments according to Islam lows. (Muslim Man or Muslim woman are not allowed to commit adultery or have an affair with someone and if anyone do that he/she is alert for death penalty according to Islamic lows ) in western countries where are the majority Christian you can see so many married couple cheating each another’s and having boy or girl friends on the said. Sorry to say that but, this is the realty of most Christian people and they do that because there is no death penalty or any kind of punishments’. That explains why some weak Muslim Convert to others religion … feel sorry for you Mariam because you lost all…
    I pray to Allah to lead us all to the right path and help us out to see the truth of righteous and fallow it … there a day of judgments’ where everyone will be judge and placed in his placed either Haven or Hill. Thank YOU God for being Muslim and I pray to you to die me Muslim…

    • Dear I know that Muslim people are saying that and these in the Quran but nothing in action. They want to be but it will never happen! What the hell you think happening in KSA even in Makkah-Madinah.. all the type of adultery is there! May european or american cannot imagine! what you do you say on that? And my self I know what happening in islam families.. You please DONT repeat the word again and again no worth of it. You people supposed to be like a muslim narrated in the Quran. I respect Quran as it teaches people the right path… but the people they just say it I am muslim but nothing in his activities.. can you say that all muslims are good as Quran says? NO! first of all you have live your lives in earth as human. there should be all the feelings of human .. then only you will go to hell/heaven.. but you people dream about the heaven and naked beauties in their with wine glass! shit on you dear!

    • god never sent his son to die for him but to die for us.every body has the right to choose his path.and remember i’m orthodox christian and it is my country Ethiopia which gave a life line to Islamism the king had knew that he gave a life to evil religion which is killing my country men,u wouldn’t be hear talking.learn about ur religion and about others,especially the first true religion ortodox christianty which is 600 year older than christianity.also read about how islam expanding to the hole world and those killed by it’s ideology starting from spain north africa,india,afganistan………………

  10. Im not bashing on the muslim religion, I love muslim people this is just my own opinon.
    In the Muslim religion there is no room for forgiveness you are automatically beheaded. Murder is Sin. When judgement day comes and you have killed 40 people who have a different faith than you,with all that blood on you hands God still forgives but you have to ask for it so who are you not to forgive people for their wrong doings. When judgement day comes its too late to be forgiven. Ask for forgiveness now and learn to be forgiving. You dont speak bad things into peoples live for example like telling your child they are going to hell. There is life and death in the power of the tongue and what you say manifest in peoples lives as well as your own. Tradition can block the Holy Spirit from taking over a situation. Sit back let God do the work.

    • Samira,

      Why didnot americans forgive Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor. Punishment for the sin makes a system sound. Do you European looted whole world. Keep give big capital punishments.

  11. Islam is not the religion of peace and freedom. The quran orders the muslims to kill the enemies (non belivers). On the other hand, the Bible orders the christians to love their enemies. Jesus christ has shown his deep love to us by crucifing himself. What did Allah did to the muslims?

  12. Dear all

    What ever explanations given above, let us be just and not unjust while trespassing others “right to live and think free” rights. If someone has the right to take a decision to change his/her faith, who are we to question that decision?. If we all believe the God, let us give a chance to God to punished or hold that converted person to His blossom for his/her decision.

    • Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus christ, i am just a simple guy, as you know i am. I would like to tell every one in this whole world that, what christ want us to know is, when he come back, each and every one of us will receive from him according to what we had done during our life on earth. Those who rejected christ, christ will also rejects him for good before his Heavenly father. Muslims all around the world had had dreams and visions of Jesus christ, and they were all stunned by the facts that Christ is the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob. They term Him as, the man in white robe. Well, then what can i say about that, was it true ? 100 over 100, yes. My pray is that, christ will be excepted by every one in this world. Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

    • Dear Adeel

      Similiar to the story of Mariam and a few others I called out to every God I knew to help me.I had a fantastic life suddenly one day was very ill hospitalised for 2 months ready to die at the age of 18,confused as to who the real God was.Beautiful,intelligent and popular but dying in hospital.I made a vow that any God who helped me,I would worship forever.No God responded except God the father through Jesus.He hugged me like a person,healed me and shocked the world when I got up a few days later and walked out of the hospital.My religion,my God and my coversion all occurred through him.Pray,let him guide you.
      May the love of Christ be with you all.

      • Y’all listen up.. the very true facts in quran! even the quran says that after the dooms day our Lord Jesus Christ will come to earth but forgot to mention mohamed 😀 another one all the the other pro-faiths mentioned in the quran they have wives and children and committed a certain mistake while they living except Jesus Christ! Quran told you a little Truth about Jesus Christ about his the one and true son Of god All my Islam brothers Just open up your mind and heart to read the the holly Bible Thank you.

    • Dear Adee, i am just as simple as my name is. My advice is just, read the Holy Bible if you have a free time. Have faith in Jesus christ. Pray to him if you feel like getting closer to his loves.

  13. Islam is religion of slavery, and Buddha says we are all slaves to our desires.It is impossible for me to think of Islam as something that happened in a vacuum. The context of the world at the time of the Hejira is important for knowing the Koran.

  14. why are you all confused?true christianity is living in the laid down examples of Christ regardless of religion.You should ask why persons convert to Christianity instead of condeming.Take your time to read the Bible,You will see the difference,You will experience the experience,you will experience life and grace in person.stop fighting for your god,let your god fight for you.true love does not condemn,steal or commit adultery.there is no sexual union in Heaven.God’s habitation is indeed holy.

  15. true religion does not make us slaves of God but children who are free to do righteousness and rightness in joy that never ends by the special ability God by His indwelling spirit imparts in us.Here,we do not struggle to do right,we just enjoy doing right.This is what christianity is,it is not a religion of rules and regulations which give no internal satisfaction,joy and true peace..loose living,adultery,Promiscuity and violence are not part of it.why argue?The Bible is evidence!

  16. we should all try not to be biased i just see both religion as serving the same GOD but its obvious that one religion is serving God in the fear of God AND LOVE and the other is serving God in a total scare fighting,and anger thereby leaving their lives in bondage.whatevr ur religion maybe we all believe we are doing the right thing meanwhile we are only serving the God our parents introduced to us and also which they were also told. but lets try not to be biased if u are all really educated u should do your unbiased personal research in search of what religion is true. i am a christian and i know am serving the true God even after almost converting to Islam i realized dat i was on the right path and the only pple who needed to open their eyes to see clearly were the muslims. but i know d Muslims wont want to do this kind of research probably because of the strict shape of minds in fear of condemnation, fear of what loads of rich and enlightening infomation they will find out that they were ignorant about.but if you are not clear on anything u find in your research ask the right right people(unbiased) and they will answer.there is no ques u bring to Christianity that doesn’t have a crystal clear answer, there is a answer for any question what so ever.except that most Muslims choose to believe the bible is inappropriate and contains errors whereas the bible has been in existence long before the Holy Quran was ever compiled. and in Quran exists most teachings already in the bible. its simply logical to ask that- is part of Quran extracted from the bible even though they claim the bible contains errors ? and the answer is obviously YES
    and regarding the inappropriate behavior of today’s Christians, the bible is a very solid evidence and has all the answers as to what is right or wrong ask strong believer around you and they will point out the chapters to you.

  17. I cried my eyes out watching the video of Fatima’s testimony and reading thru the article about Mariam’s Conversion.I am so blessed to hear of these brave and strong women willing to risk their whole lives for Christ,it is something rare nowadays to commit to God without compromise.It also tears at my heart to think of all they had to go thru for their Lord,would i be able to do that?.But never mind,they and all who stay true unto the Lord will see it one day,no more tears,no more problems,no more suffering…just everlasting peace,joy and life.God will wipe all those tears away and give them a wonderful place he has prepared…..Thank you to the author for sharing in an objective manner,God bless you….

  18. after many spiritual and intelectual explorations of 14 religions; i discovered christianity and islam has some similarities. christianty carries the purpose of God for humanity while islam is a religion anti- to these purposes. the holy spirit bears me witness in my spirit. islam is a religion empowered by the spirit of anti-christi 1john 2vs22. i am a christian by revealation of Jesus christ. this JESUS witout the holy spirit u wouldnt know him john 16vs13-15. all religions has evil spirit but in christainity a christain is given the power to cast out devils luke 10vs19. christianty is divinty at work in humanity, it is a relationship God the father via Jesus christ the son of God and the communion of the holy spirit. the allah in the quran does not protray the character of the God in the bible 1john 3vs15 GOD says whosoever that hates his brother is a murderer, and we know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. but quran 5vs51 allah says muslim the jews and christians are ur enemy do that make friends wit them cos allah does not love them quran 9vs5 allah says kill non-muslims. quran calls christians the people of the book quran 9vs29 allah says muslims kill and slay to death christains. i love all muslims cos they the fishes Jesus said we should catch for the kingdom of GOD. the present killing of christans was spoken by Jesus in john 16vs2. as a christans develop an imitate relatioship wit the holy spirit he will reveal Jesus to u that will make it impossible to backslide. quran 46vs9 muhammad said he does not know the way but john 14vs6 Jesus said i am the WAY. quran 1vs6 muslims cry five times a day shout allah show us the way and path but christians are christ JESUS who is the way 2corithans 5v17. the real JESUS said i am the son of GOD john 10vs36 the in the quran fake. Real Jesus died on the cross john 19vs30, the Jesus in quran fake. the real Jesus arosed from death mark 16vs6 the one in quran fake. the real Jesus said i am the alpha and omega the beginning and end the first and last revealtion 22vs13. the bible warns us about another Jesus 2corithans 11vs4 before islam surfaced in 610AD. matthwe 17vs5 God said Jesus is my beloved son hear him everthings. so allah is not the God of jews and christans cos all muslims knows allah does not have a son. this JESUS whom GOD the father commands all things in heaven and earth to hear matthwe 17vs5. Jesus said i am the saivor of the world john 4vs42 so if u want to be saved from spiritual death go to JESUS for slavation ACTS 4vs12. call me am from nigeria 08037521202. if u want to give ur life to JESUS.

    • Dear Yusuf, this is not your problem, the problem is those who taught you in your childhood about your religion and others… you people doesnt like to know others or others feeling or others faith… you just saying that Christians are not ok… but everybody knows who is right and who is wrong.. you people are only saying that everything is in the Quran but nobody wants to be like that… I pity you!

      • Who are we to say “these are good” or “these are bad”, “rhese will be saved” or “These will burn in hell”… who are we to judge anyone’s soul or anyone’s soul behaviour? … That’s God’s task and it’s Him to sets , decides and says. All those who say “these…. ” or “those….” have decided to take HIS role. That’s NOT your job. Keep it in mind before going forward with those attitudes, because I am pretty sure that you notice the consequences of your actions and words.

    • Islam is not the religion of peace and freedom. The quran orders the muslims to kill the enemies (non belivers). On the other hand, the Bible orders the christians to love their enemies. Jesus christ has shown his deep love to us by crucifing himself. What did Allah did to the muslims?

      • only if those said enemies attack the muslims first, but if they the so called enimies leave the muslims in peace, they are not permitted to kill them for no reason. how else can you explain, christians and muslims living side by side in Lebanon, Jordan, and I will have you know, Mr. Alex, that there is a small Jewish community in Iran, bet you didn’t know that. so have a nice a blessed day.

  19. Islam is the only religion Almighty Allah mention to our NOBLE PROPHET MUHAMMED S.A.W. Jesus himself did not finish is messenge to mankind. Muhammed finish a work of God to mankind. Belief non of the christian can even speak hebrew or greek upon all their belief.

    • Dear Yusuf, again ? religion is not based in any language as you consider.. if so then what about the muslims in other countries? they should study basic arabic to readh the quran but i am damn sure that they could not understand the correct meaning the book. they can easily read arabic versus thats all.. but you see the Bible translated to every language and even children can understand everything from it and they live like that.. so be specific on what you saying..

      thank you

      • Guys Great Going !!!!

        I have converted to Chrisitianity. How ???

        By understanding that Jesus who was a Human cannot be God..
        Not by dreams where Jesus is healing a cancer patient. Cancer gets away. An ailing guy becomes healthy.
        So from today I m following Jesus, the Slave of Allah. Who bring the word of Allah on Earth.

        A True Chrisitian is the One who follows Islam. I am a true Christian. Jesus was Muslim so was Moses….

        Dont be afraid of Stoning for the rapists. Yes Culprits are to be
        stoned to death.

        Guys Just think How America killed Japanese through two nuclear bombs. Yes Cent percent that was must. If Japan was not stopped it would have been killed millions of Asians in Phillipines, Vietnam , Korea, Myanmar etc.

        Wake-up guys and understand the divine message of Islam.

        If a woman is fooled by false dreams, that cannot be a reason.

        Jesus Christ Worshippers are Human Worshippers. When Jesus was on Earth, doesn’t he use to eat, sleep, visit natural calls, etc. Can Jesus be God then.

        Can God gets incarnated. These are all Roman Pagan beliefs injected in Christianity.

      • Dear Mohammed,
        Does the Qur’an actually contend that Jesus was not crucified?

        Is it possible that this is really a case of misguided tradition? Surah 4:157-158 states: “That they said (in boast), ‘We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah’—but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not—nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself.” Now if “they” refers to the Jews (and that seems clear), then the Qur’an might be considered technically correct in contending that the Jews themselves did not crucify Jesus (see also John 18:31)—that it was actually the Romans who did the deed. Is it possible that the heart of the conflict here really lies in a faulty interpretation of the Qur’an?

      • With due to respect, in my country Malaysia, all Qur’ans are in Arabic and all Muslims pray in Arabic. I told my Muslim friends that it is very good that all Muslims in our country know how did speak Arabic. I was confused when most of them replied that, they don’t speak or understand Arabic. They were taught how to read the Arabic alphabets and how the Arabic words are formed (spelled) for praying purpose. With that they are able to read Qur’ans but could not understand what they read. They by heart the prayers and understood the meaning of the prayers as interpreted by those who taught them. It is very sad that they are not able to understand the content of the Qur’ans and they claimed that all other religions are inferior.

    • So what if most Christians cannot speak Hebrew or Greek or Aramaic.. A lot of Muslims can only read Arabic, but cannot interpret what they are reading. Unless they are Arabs.. We should not be condemning each other.. Be more tolerant towards people and other faiths. Judge not, or you shall be judged.

  20. Basically all religion is crap. And you are all, regardless of your religion, mentally weak. Religion is just a crutch for inadequates.

    • i would like to hear you say that on the day of judgment.Jesus is a man—–how can a man, be god? it doesn’t make any sense.

      • Jesus is not a “normal” man, you and me are born from a man and a woman. He, Jesus, is born from the Logos (Logos: God’s word). The term “son of God” is deceiving, because God is a spirit, He has no body, and to think He can have sex is a blasphemy. The angel blows on Mary/Myriam and she became pregnant with something from the spirit of God, we call Logos. So, Jesus has a divine part, the Quran clearly says that.
        God is the almighty, and is able of anything, if he wants to make His Words incarnate by blowing His spirit, he can! Quran says Jesus is “kalimat Allah”, it’s the exact same thing than the Greek word Logos we use. How “kalimat Allah”, the personification, can be only an human, he has a divine part, no other prophets have. He is greater than Mohammed, because of that, and because he is the Messiah.
        Please, Muslim, take the time to study a little Christianism before saying you understood it. Fatima Al Mutairi explained very well the reason for her conversion, she has realized with surprise everything she learnt about Christians doctrine was fake. I really admire Fatima, I hope I will be able to die for God and the love of Jesus, Kalimat Allah in the flesh.

    • What is the benefit only reading the Quran… we should follow the readings and in the first place we should understand clearly what we are reading!

    • Hi Hebah, anybody can read the Quran.. but the question is how the verses come in to our life.. I dont even think that the readers of Quran are trying to understand what they are reading?

    • To read and understand Qur’an you need to learn Arabic. To my understanding, there is no Qur’an in other language besides Arabic. Please correct if I am wrong.

      • I know plenty of Muslim people who can’t read Arabic, and they are considered Muslim by everyone, there are plenty of Christian Arabs, that speak Arabic, understand well the Quran because some of them are former Muslim, or even former imams in some case, and they are Christian. There are a lot of translated Quran, and it’s an hypocrisie to say, you need to read Arabic to read the Quran, because, if it’s true, why do you translate it, it’s highly illogical !!
        But I agree, to understand it, you need to search or read genuine Arabic words, because most of the translations are inaccurate. A lot of Qurans are on the market in Europe, and many are very very different the ones from the others in their translation.

  21. Jesus is the way the truth an the life,and him alone has the key to eternal religion has salvation except in christianity.

  22. well good for her, using her mind, and not just following everyone blindly, and not just staying in a religion because its what everyone else around her is doing. I may not agree with her decision, but its her personal life and no one should tell her how she should live it, or what religion she should follow.

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