Banning Hijab will discourage Saudi women from participating in the Olympics

Saudi Arabia has been under pressure from the International Olympic Committee and human-rights groups to include women athletes. It took months of negotiations with the Saudi Gov to finally approve the participation of women, under certain conditions, one is they have to obey the dress code of Islamic law. Later on, the International Judo Federation ruled that Shaherkani “will fight according to the principle and spirit of judo, so without a hijab.” This cultural and religious clash might pressure Saudi Arabia to pull out Wojdan Shaherkani, who is to compete in the +78kg judo category from the Olympics and this eventually will also discourage Saudi women from participating in the Olympics in the future. Shaherkani is due to compete in the women’s heavyweight tournament next Friday, but her participation could now be in doubt. The contraversiary is not only over wearing Hijab but also the fact the Wojdan is not a certified black belt, a stature required by Olympic regulations. The Saudi ladies have been called prostitutes of the Olympics / whores of the Olympics in a hashtag on twitter and most Islamic clerics and Shaikhs has stated that they are against Saudi women participation in the Olympics. I can tell that Saudi men are apparently not ready yet to welcome women in Sports as the two women marched behind the men, instead of walking side by side. Nevertheless, the two Saudi athletes appeared happy, smiling and waving to the crowd. a


14 thoughts on “Banning Hijab will discourage Saudi women from participating in the Olympics

  1. Saudi dress code is not necessarily the dress code of “Islamic Law”. Islam exists in many countries, merely with a requirement that women dress “modestly” … this is interpreted differently in different countries, with KSA & Afghanistan being the most extreme and oppressive. With regard to the Olympics, dress codes for each event is well known in advance, and is the same for all competitors, regardless of religion.

  2. ohhh its heartbreaking to call the muslims womens with that names…its true women should not have participated

    • Muslim women should enter every Olympic event where they have a competitive chance and still stay within their cultural beliefs, if that is what they wish.

      Due to safety, some events involve dress codes that might be considered un-islamic, however, there are many other events …. such as shooting, archery, athletics etc, where dress code is irrelevant.

      Olympic dress codes are well publicised. Competing nations have the option as to whether or not to compete, according to the rules.

  3. All this controversy just makes it harder on the women. They should let them wear the hijab and let them compete. The International Olympic Committee should have sense enough to know that the ladies are having a hard enough time of it anyway.

    • There are some events, for which the hijab is completely unsuitable and judo is one of them, as there are safety issues involved. Women competed in hijabs in shooting and other activities suitable to wearing of a hijab, and there were no objections, even though Olympic rules clearly state that competitors should not display any overt religious affiliations. If a woman insists on wearing a hijab, then she needs to choose suitable events in which to compete. Could you imagine a female swimmer or diver trying to compete in a hijab?

      • I can imagine a female swimmer wearing a hijab, but I don’t think they’d be allowed to swim in competition. Isn’t that a bit immodest? I’m not being facetious either. They are really weird about that.

  4. Why is it, that in Saudi the muttawa can force a western women to use a hijab, but in the West a decree of clothing is not allowed? It is only the same treatment that you force upon others that will be forced upon you.

  5. Clearly, those religious clerics are afraid of strong, independent women who make their decisions for themselves and can even beat them!

    Islam is based on a fear of women. Hence clothing which erases women from public space, restrictions on free movement, ban of sports (women cant be healthy, apparently), uneasy divorce, forced marriages, nonexistent term for rape in marriage (women have no other option than to have a sex with their husband) and so on.

    Hence, muslim men are bunch of creepy cowards.

  6. Assalamualaikum.

    Please EVERYONE do this ….

    US govt. is holding a Public poll to initiate and implement a law against the disrespect of Prophets.
    Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam,
    Nabi Esa Alaihisalam,
    and Nabi Musa Alaihisalam.

    Kindly sign that petition, they require 25,000 signitures till 17th October.




    • To a stupid Mo’s zombie. No one needs a law for disrespecting Mo. Each and every sane person with a free access to internet can make their own judgment of who exactly he was – based on your so called sacred texts. He was illiterate idiot, paedophile, violent man, thief, rapist. He didnt like humor, he was scared of some animals. He fucked a nine years child. He killed his political oponents, even women, hence he was scared of critique and opposition. He married his older wife Khadija just for money and sweet life of doing nothing.

      Respect this guy? Not in a thousand years.

      • Motoko before you write mindless garbage next time do your research! But I guess no matter what you read you will never change your mind as it is already made up. He was not an idiot for being illiterate – most people in that time were illiterate. It was a privilege to have education. Also, his illiteracy was proof that he did not write the Quran and that it was sent from Allah. He was not a pedophile – don’t know where you got that idea from? Violent man? Again no. One of his most famous sayings is: “the best among you are those that are good to their family, and i am good to my family” (something to that effect). Not only did he do housework, mend his own clothes, be kind to his wives and children and family and friends, but he also taught that even in war! That when fighting you can not harm the innocent. That places of worship are not to be attacked. That animals and the environment (plants, trees, etc.) can not be attacked. So you call him violent still after teaching us all of these rules? A thief? Rapist? LOL where on earth are you getting all this stupid ideas from? Obviously making it up as you go along! Anyway it’s your problem if you hate islam and the prophet muhammad… not mine.

    • You should care for yourselves! The prophets are strong enough to be.. why you are worried about that? If somebody says that prophet is not good then He will be out from the scenario? Go to hell man! Think wisely. You supposed to take care about your family your friends and be careful on your activities then everything will be alright. You should do what you talk otherwise everybody will curse you! Please do not try to protect your God if the God and the Prophets have their own power then why you WORRY?

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