Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

The Saudi  woman sitting in the lobby about to receive the 80 lashes.

The Saudi woman sitting in the lobby about to receive the 80 lashes.

The Woman heard that her husband has just got himself a new wife, who is a faculty member   in Rafha  girls  University in Northern Saudi. She went to Rafha University looking for her husband’s second wife. When she met her she could not help it, she started insulting her husband’s second wife, yelled at her and called her bad names  in the college lobby in front of the staff and the students.
The second wife sued her husband’s first wife and won the case. The judge’s verdict was to send the woman to 80 lashes as per islam/ Sharia law.  The 80 lashes punishment in Islam is used to punish a person who calls another a w**re or a s*ut.  The second wife wanted to take revange and so she demanded the punishment to be carried out in the college lobby where the incident happened.The students from Rafah University witnessed the incidence and tweeted the story in twitter. Apparently someone has managed to take a photo of the woman who was sitting in the lobby and  about to receive the 80 lashes.
According to Sharia law, Muslim Men are allowed to have up to 4 wives and countless number  of sex slaves. Despite the fact that sex slavery has slowly disappeared from the Muslim modern society, polygamy is still widely accepted and common.


17 thoughts on “Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

  1. I rarely hear of multiple marriages that really work. All they do is cause hurt and pain to everyone involved. I think men who take a 2nd wife are very selfish because of the pain inflicted on the first wife and children. This practice served its purpose way back when, but really has no place in today’s world.

  2. Congratulations to the husband, he’ll have a war going on now at home forever.
    Omaima, please correct me if I’m wrong: until now I thought if a man wanted to marry a 2nd (3rd, 4th) wife, he’d have to ask the Imam for permission. The Imam would then ask the other wife (wives) if she (they) were so far satisfied with her (their) husband and only if the answer(s) were positive, this permission would be granted.

    • As far as I understand, no approval or prior notice is required of any man wanting to marry another wife. He is allowed up to 4 and he doesn’t have to let any of the 1st three know of his intention or get anyone else’s approval. He can do whatever he wants.

      • Interesting. I must admit that I got my information in Iran and it is roughly 40 years old. Is there a chance of differences between Sunni and Shii customs?

    • Shia Islama is different from Sunni Islam, and within Sunni Islam the four major Madhhab are different from one another. And in each single Muslim country, polygamy laws are different. In Tunisia for example polygamy is outlawed, In Algeria you need and written and signed permission of your first wife to remarry. This is how it should be, if that’s not the case, then the feelings of the first wife are hurt, and that’s not Islamic. So obviously some countries are just more misogynistic than others!
      The Islam that’s practiced in Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism, it’s considered a Kharijite cult by many. Allah knows best.

  3. As per Islam/shareea, he needs to notify his wife first then she has the option of accepting or getting divorced. No imam needed in Islam. Also, a main condition in Islam marriage is announcing it. So any hidden marriage CAN’T be considered as marriage. It’s adultery.

    • Mot – If your explanation is true, then the vast majority of men who have more than one wife here in KSA have done it illegally according to Shariah. All the cases I personally know of, the man has kept it hidden from his first wife and has kept it secret. When she finally finds out, all hell breaks loose, as happened in this post.

  4. Wouldn’t be nice if the first wife automatically was issued a drivers license and the dog of a husband had to buy her a new car. That would solve many social issues in KSA.

  5. All of you made statements about the Laws of Islam (polygeny not polygamy) without presenting any proofs from the Law Giver.

    Polygamy (ref. to definition) is forbidden were as polygeny is permissible (4:3).

    Any country or person that has made polygeny impermissble has made what Allaah made permissible, impermissble. This is a crime against AAllaah.

    I’m sure most of you will have a come back to the PROOF, but it won’t negate its permissibily.

    I challenge anyone of you to state proof(s) from Allaah and or the Messenger (prayers and peace be upon him) to back up anyone of your statements or bring a scholar.

    You will not be able to. You will rant and rave about my extremism, I’m a wahhabi (whatever that is) or I’m the so called Muslim that gives a bad name to Muslims and or Islam, etc., etc. Been there done that. Think about how you’re contributing to this by not educating yourself and posting someone being punished for a crime.

    What if that was you being slandered called bad names in front of your collegues and students just because you were a man’s wife?

    Facts still will remain. You won’t be able to back up most of your statements with proof from Allaah, His Messenger (prayers and peace be upon him) or any proven scholar.

    Most of you make these statements out of fear and or anger and ignorance.

    May Allaah guide us and you, ameen.

  6. What happend to her is bad, and I am sure the pain over her husband choosing a new wife made her go crazy. But after all it is not the new wifes fault, it is the husbands fault. The second wife overreacted a bit as well I think. She will get some of the bitter taste of heartache if her husband chooses the third wife…and that will be enough as a revenge of life. Who wants to be a second wife anyway!

    To the facts:
    As far as I know, a Saudi man needs the permission of his Saudi wife, if he wants to marry a foreigner as a second wife. If the second wife is Saudi as well, it is legal not to ask the first wife. If your first wife is a foreigner….you don´t need to ask her, weather you want to marry another foreigner or Saudi.

    The only obsticle the Saudi man has to deal with marrying another foreigner is getting a marriage permit.

    Anyway – I am married to a Saudi as a foreigner and I am not at all worried any of the obove will ever happen to me. I think it is about knowing the person you got married to.

    And in any case, you could always get divorced if you don´t like the fact that your husband married a second wife.

  7. I think she should just get strongly warning, instead of lashes, since was her first time n she didn’t harm or beat second wife. It waa just a anger that all women got on them.

  8. countries like Arabia give us theist a bad name. my atheist and agnostic friends will not fail to latch on instances like this to prove their point. to the topic at hand… do unto others what you want them to do unto you.

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