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My name is Omaima Al Najjar I am a Saudi woman. I was born in Saudi Arabia and I grew up in Saudi too. I lived in China for a while & now  I am living  in Italy as a political refugee!

you can contact me through my email



80 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks Faud for following me, I have been reading in your blog for a while. the thing that attracted me the most was when I read on your twitter الديمقراطيه هي الحلso I clicked on the link to check your blog its really nice.

  2. Hello Omaima,
    Your blog has a potential! You have a good style of picking up topics and writing about them.

    Just added your blog to my RSS reader and I am expecting to enjoy every coming post 🙂

    Keep it up and good luck,

  3. Greetings from an Indian! As a keen follower of the history of culture, language, religion and politics, I stumbled upon your blog while reading on women’s rights in the Middle East.

    I am surprised they didn’t track you down yet (or am I being too stereotypical?) !!. Anyways, keep up the good work; your ideas will change the world one day 🙂 .

  4. I am so thrilled to see another young Saudi woman blogging and using your voice instead of being a passive bystander to important issues that affect you and all women here in KSA. I’m a fan!

  5. I have to know I thought music was banned in Saudi Arabia, so how is it you have a guitar, are they smuggled in? Is the ban on music not really enforced, can people play music from their car or house?

  6. hi omaima. i’m ruby from malaysia n i have just discovered this wonderful blog of yours through the Saudiwoman weblog and i have to say, this blog u’re writing is so smartly hillarious. i can’t help but to laugh at each of your posts. brighten my day up…

    keep up the good work.

  7. Hello! I am an american named Tracy. I am so glad you are writing this blog! As an American, just a avrage person we know nothing of the real struggles of the people in the middle east. The news we get is limated at best and the corp. news only puts out BS to keep us afraid. We do have some journalist that do good work but there is not enough of it. Some americans welcome a diffent piont of view and are open minded (democrats and liberal mostly) and some are terriffied my muslims. There is such a movement of fear( mostly the religous right) about muslims and the Islamic faith.
    If I may say, I am a Christian. And Jesus says to “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” A real Christian is called to be understanding, tolerant and so on. But, the propaganda of hate speech lead me to my own quest to find out ” Who are they….The Muslims. And do they really hate us and why” What I have found is that there is more in comman than not. Although women in the US have aknowledged rights by law we still fight the same battles for respect, freedom and rights as ohter women around the world. I encourage you to reserch the Woman’s Suffrage Movement in the US. I don’t know or have a single Muslim friend. I live in a part of the US called the BIBLE BELT. And some of the ministers use the Power of the pulpit to spread fear about anything they can.NOT EVERY CHURCH IN AMERICA IS LIKE THAT. Through your blog, well I’m just not afraid anymore. You fight the same human rights issues the we fight here. Yes it’s not all roses and tea parties over here either! The rich and powerful are trying to dystroy the middle class here in america. They are trying to dystroy the collective barganing right of all workers man or woman. So in my mind we are all struggling with those who have greed and abuse thier power. You will be in my prayers. ( Hope that dosn’t offend you) Stay strong and listen to your hart. You can make a diffence. Revolutions are started with one fundimental thing…. love for one’s self and ur people. Oh and FIGHTING THE POWER!

    • Assalamualaikum Omaima.

      Greetings from Indonesia. I’m muslim, moderate and democratic.

      Why didn’t you write any comment to T, a very good Christian from America? Do you fear something?

    • Thank you T,
      I know women have faught for their rights everywhere. I am glad that you and I share similar things together, even though we live in different places far from each other and we also following different religions. Thank you for your support and kind words.

  8. Hello Omaima,

    Your blog is excellent! You have a good style of picking up topics and writing about them.

    Just added your blog to my RSS reader and I am expecting to enjoy every coming post

    Keep it up and good luck


  9. you er ageinst islam , the prophet(pbuh) and his ummah…u will rot in hell.u ev no wright to chellange the holi shariah …stop this blog and say sori to al muslims

  10. أسأل الله لنا ولكـ الهداية على الدين الصحيح والفطرة السليمة,

    أن نهاجم من غير المسلمين فهذا ليس بغريب وهذه سنة الله في أرضه, أما أن يهاجم الإسلام بمن يدعيه فهذه الفتنة وهذا الشذوذ بعينه.

    صدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله حين قال” بدأ الإسلام غريباً وسيعود غريباً”

    راجعي حياتكـِ وإقرأي القرآن لعل الله يلهمكـ الصواب

  11. Omaima,

    Love the way you express your thoughts, ideas and emotions in your blog. It is entertaining and inspirational!


  12. I have been enjoying your blog so much and the subjects that your cover. Living in the USA and being 65 years old it brings back the memories of our plight to get our womens rights going. When I went to college there was a choice of being a nurse, home economist, legal secretary, teacher or artist. Most colleges didn’t want any other spaces taken up by a woman when those were mens positions. The admissions would tell you that your education was wasted because all the girs would do would be to get married, have babies and stay home while their husbands would have careers. That is why so many radicals came forward in the mid 1960’s and said ENOUGH.

    You women are becoming Doctors, Architects, and Engineers. None can keep a mind chained forever. But you can’t a silly car!

    This driving business is all about control. At first I was amused at your story of the police then I was highly indignent that you and your brother were treated in that manner. Now I will show my ignorance. Are you treated better in the city where the police are more eductated than in the rural areas?

    Keep up the great work because the world is applauding you Saudi Women! Plus keep blogging.

  13. Dear Omaima,
    I’m so glad to have stumbled upon your blog.
    My name is Youmna, I am a photographer staying in Riyadh for a few more days to visit my family. I would love to ask you a few questions and have your opinion on some of the matters that make me curious.
    Would it be possible to get in touch with you? Via mail, or any other system 🙂
    It’s good to read your blog,

  14. It’s sad that your blog has been blocked in Saudi but I’m happy that you exist and people (mainly women) outside Saudi can be hopeful that inequality and abuse of women in Saudi is something you are opposing. Being an oil rich region the rest of the world doesn’t really hear about Saudi’s atrocities, so thank you!

  15. Hi Omaima,

    My name is Shiau lee. I am a Chinese Malaysian. Recently i received offer to work in Al Hada Hospital, Taif. I accepted the offer. However, my family and friends are not supportive because they read about Saudi is not a good place to live for women. However, i need to financial to support my master.

    I hope you can help me by providing more details about working in hospital in Saudi.

    Hope to hear from you

    Shiau lee

  16. I found this blog through a Finnish lady working in Saudi Arabia. I must say I got hooked on your blog right away! I like your style and how you express things and just everything, it’s very smooth. I’m really fascinated. In Finland we don’t know much (almost nothing) about Saudi life and now I’ve learned a lot since reading your blog. Just keep on going! We are here to read 🙂

  17. Is there anyway to contact you through email? I’m writing a paper on women in Saudi Arabia right now, and I’d love to ask you some questions!

  18. Hi,
    It’s been a while and probably you don’t remember me, anymore. However, we used to skype quite often for sometime. I just came cross your blog, so I thought I would say hi and see what you have been up to, so what’s up?

  19. hi…coming across ur blog for the first time..being a women is tough! no matter which part of the world u r…I am an Indian and though the situation here is so much better its a highly patriarchal society too…girls have to really struggle to come up in life…more and more girls are not only completing their education but started working too…but ther is long way to go..especially in rural areas.all the different tarditions and culture are used as a excuse to control and restrict women.. reading ur blog made me realise I am in so much bettr situation..i have the freedom to study,drive,work and go anywhere I want to go& follow my dreams..I want to congratulate on ur good work ..I am pleasantly surprised and happy to know Arab women are too demanding change and standing up for their right..takes a lot of courage under the current situation..hats off to u..keep up the good work…

  20. Asslam Aleikum.

    I came across your site by chance.

    Keep up the fantastic work, don’t get bullied.

    P.S. Do not walk into a Embassy in your own.

    Trump secretly sold Nuclear Secrets to – Not so bright MBS. Thus engineering a future major war in the region.


    East Midlands, UK.

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