Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

The Saudi  woman sitting in the lobby about to receive the 80 lashes.

The Saudi woman sitting in the lobby about to receive the 80 lashes.

The Woman heard that her husband has just got himself a new wife, who is a faculty member   in Rafha  girls  University in Northern Saudi. She went to Rafha University looking for her husband’s second wife. When she met her she could not help it, she started insulting her husband’s second wife, yelled at her and called her bad names  in the college lobby in front of the staff and the students.
The second wife sued her husband’s first wife and won the case. The judge’s verdict was to send the woman to 80 lashes as per islam/ Sharia law.  The 80 lashes punishment in Islam is used to punish a person who calls another a w**re or a s*ut.  The second wife wanted to take revange and so she demanded the punishment to be carried out in the college lobby where the incident happened.The students from Rafah University witnessed the incidence and tweeted the story in twitter. Apparently someone has managed to take a photo of the woman who was sitting in the lobby and  about to receive the 80 lashes.
According to Sharia law, Muslim Men are allowed to have up to 4 wives and countless number  of sex slaves. Despite the fact that sex slavery has slowly disappeared from the Muslim modern society, polygamy is still widely accepted and common.


How I felt when I wore an Abaya for the first time

Wearing a long black Abaya can be fashionable sometimes yet very restrictive. In Saudi Arabia, women wear either Shoulder Abaya or head Abaya. Shoulder Abaya looks pretty much like a black long shirt. Head Abaya on the other hand is placed on top of the head as it’s shown in the picture. Women in Saudi wear Abaya at very young age. Girl’s public schools for instance forces both teachers and students to wear head Abaya with head cover that covers up their face at 4th or 5th grade. It has been a tradition for so long for girls put on Abaya way before they hit puppetry. It is so sad because Abaya not only restrict movement but also give you a feeling of being ” grown up” when you are still a kid. Because of that, wearing an Abaya takes at least 5 years off every Saudi woman’s childhood.

I recall the first time I had to wear an Abaya and head cover; I was only 9 years old and I was a 4th grader. It is known here where I live that 4th grade students must wear an Abaya and a head cover.

I never understood why, I just hated it so much. I use to vomit when it’s around 50 degrees and I’m covering, it just made me sick. I also had difficulty seeing the world clearly. I was jealous that my brothers didn’t have to put up with all this when they go to school.

I believe I am not the only one who have experienced this, I am very sure that many Saudi women had experienced Abaya and head cover sickness after trying it for the first time.

Now I no longer cover my face when I go out. However, I cover up my face when it’s only unsafe not to do so, like going to areas where people might verbally attack me for not covering my face, I just do it to save the troubles.

Now that I live in China, I feel happy to be able to run, jump and ride my bike whenever I want to. With an Abaya  I would never be able to do so.

It made me feel so free, liberated and most importantly normal.

Men in Saudi Arabia has a restrictive traditional white thob, it also looks like a long shirt but for men its optional to wear a thob or not. So Saudi men can choose to wear or not wear thobes, Men also can choose different colors of thobs based on their preference. Unlike women, wearing an abaya is a must and it must be black Abaya too.

Men in Saudi Arabia has a restrictive traditional white thob, it also looks like a long shirt but for men its optional to wear a thob or not. So Saudi men can choose to wear or not wear thobes, Men also can choose different colors of thobs based on their preference. Unlike women, wearing an abaya is a must and it must be black Abaya too

P.S girls wear Abaya only on their way to school or home, but inside classes they put on Maryoul.

Saudi Women are being arrested by The Religous Police

I am writing you now while many Saudi women are being arrested by the Saudi Intelligence Police with the help of the religious Police. They broke into Alrajhi Mosque (where Saudis gathered to protest earlier this year) It is happening now. Riyadh Exit 15. Women who are being arrested are peacefully asking to free their husband’s and son’s who were imprisoned with no criminal charges. It is believed that Saudi government have imprisoned a lot of people who express their opinion about the corruption in Saudi Arabia.  We all remember the famous case of Khalid Al Johani, who was protesting this year and right after the release of his statement on the media he was taken by the intelligence police. His family has not heard from him till this moment.

Please share this to the world to help to free both the women who are being arrested now and the uncharged Criminals in Saudi Arabia.

There is a long list of many Saudis who spent decades in prison with no charges. Its time to set them free.

If you know the names of girls who were  arrested please write it down here – we don’t want them to be forgten behind bars.  Free (Sarah Al Zamil  and Taghrid Al Aqid  ) – ساره الزامل و تغريد العقيد..

The Forever Bond

I have 3 brothers that I love very much. Every one of them is unique and special. They look very different as if they were not related to each other, they act different they even have different accents because they lived in different places.

Growing up apart didn’t impact our relationship negatively. It’s not that mom and dad are divorced, but they both worked in different regions so we had to live apart for over 12 years. We barley go out in picnic together. However, once we meet we would talk for hours and hours about everything to catch up.

Abdulhakeem, He is 24 years old and he is happily married for over a year now. He always wanted to be pro break dancer, but of course he can’t study dancing in Saudi. He ended up studying chemical Engineering and now he is working for one the largest companies in the country.  He is My Super-hero; he is very protective, understanding and calm. He is a man who I would call for an advice. We share dark secrets and lovely memories of our childhood.  He is very caring and loving person. I still remember when I went out playing in the back yard of my grandmother’s house without wearing my shoes, I couldn’t walk nor stand on the hot floor, I was crying for help because it was very hot and sunny that day and it felt as if I was standing on burning coal. My superman Abdulhakeem came right away bare-footed for the rescue, even though he knew it was too hot for him too. 

Sometimes I would have flash back memories of him waiting for me to get back from the kinder garden. The school bus use to stop about  6 meters away from my home and Abdulhakeem would wait outside for me so he would carry me home because he didn’t want me to walk  when it’s too hot and almost 50 degrees out there. 6 meters is not so long but he was so caring and gentle.  I was 5 and he was only 7 and no, I wasn’t slim as a child, I was a bit chubby: D. 

 Dad and Mom keep telling me the story of the horror movie over and over again, they say I was in the living room and the TV was on, Dad was playing a horror movie and I was sitting there crying because I was scared, Abdulhakeem heard me crying and came right away covered my eyes, hugged me and took me far enough to feel safe.

It’s not that we had a perfect relationship, of course we fought many times  but I mostly remember the good times. When I turned 19 years old Abdulhakeem taught me how to invest my money in the stuck market to become financially independent. Unfortunately, we still don’t see each other much since we live over 500 km away from each other but the bond is still strong and unbreakable.

Mohammad, He is 18 years old and he is very shy person, loves football, he is mad about martial art and he is amazing self taught piano player. He looks very Asian and he has a body similar to Bruce Lee’s, I have a half-naked picture of him showing off with his ab muscles and biceps that I might post it later.  He studied Taekwondo and he has iron body. I like competing with him. I am not so good when it comes to football but I enjoy playing with him. I am studying Kung fu now so sometimes we would compete against each other, train or even teach each other different skills.

We have very close relationship, he is my favorite brother and I am his favorite sister.

We have so many things in common, we both love martial art and mostly kung fu even though he did Taekwondo, but it’s because he couldn’t find kung fu school. We both love classical music, he plays classical piano and I play classical guitar and we both love animals very much, especially cats. The picture that comes to my mind the most is us holding hands, because this is what we do the most when we are together. We would talk, play video games and watch movies all night long and I would never feel bored, he is so much fun to be with and I really enjoy his company. Sometimes I am a bit tough with him because I want to bring the best in him, I use to teach him how to write in Arabic beautifully and when he can’t do what I ask him to do I would punish him really hard and would make him write over 10 pages of a paragraph. he became the best Arabic font artist in his school. I do regret being a little too tough with him but knowing that all the hard work eventually paid off is rewarding.

Ramy, we always call him Rambo because he is a survivor. He survived an open heart surgery at the age of 4. He is 14 years old now and he is very tall and strong. He has great sense of humor, he makes fun of annoying things to make us laugh when we are about to explode in anger. He is  always helping mom in the kitchen, Mom says that Rambo do  house chores more than everyone ales. He loves fishing and biking. Rambo’s passion is children; he wants to be surrounded by a lot of cute children. I believe he is going to be a really great father, he loves children and he takes care of them very well. Ramy and I didn’t have a good relationship at the beginning because he was extremely spoiled, arrogant and bossy, he gets everything he wants. Dad spoiled Ramy too much that all my younger siblings were jealous of him. Ramy is so different now but he still have anger management issue but he is trying to change. I like tickling him until he turns blue and no longer can breathe.  I know it’s a bit cruel but I only do the ” tickling attack punishment” when he miss-behave.

This is Hala’s Idea, I was supposed to post it yesterday since the deadline Thursday 26th of Aug. I apologize for being late.

This post is a shared idea post on sister-brother relationships in Saudi Arabia, Participating blogs  to follow soon on this topic are:

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Sneaking food in Ramadan

When I was 8 years old My uncle told me ” Omaima you are going to fast next year so you must start fasting at least 3 days a week in Ramadhan this year so by next Ramadhan when you are 9 you will not have problems with fasting”.

 In Islam we must practice religion at the age of 9, that  includes praying 5 times & fasting Ramadan. Honestly, I didn’t want to fast but his way was like ”’ you are going to do it soon or later ”. Praying was not a problem for me, I use to pray with my mom occasionally when I was only 5 years old so I was ready for it but, for a food lover, fasting for over 12 hours is quite frightening.

I remember My first fasting day in Ramadan, I woke up early and I was really hungry.It was around 8 A.M and I had to fast untill sunset!!!! It seemed too long for an extremely hungry person, so I decided to sneak food. I  walked into the kitchen while everybody was asleep. I drank plenty of water, had cheese burger sandwich and  soda! :)))))))))))

Of course I knew I won’t get caught since in Ramadan no body wakes up early. Usually in Ramadan people stay awake all night long  and  sleep after the morning prayer. Knowing that everybody just went to bed made me feel that I will never get caught. 🙂

I kept doing it  every Ramadan because it became a habit, I kept sneaking food during Ramadan untill I was in 7th grade!!

of course it’s not that I never fasted Ramadhan at all, I just sometimes when I feel too hungry I eat a little, well maybe not so little :S !!

 By the way, I am not a cheese burger fan, but that day for some reason that cheese burger tasted like heaven!!!!!!!!!!

Kung Fu training session gone wrong

Unlike other martial arts Kung Fu allows you to actually beat your mate during the training. We don’t pretend to kick or punch, we actually do it. However, there is the friendly way of attacking that is not soft BUT it does not break an arm or cause serious injuries to other students, and there is another way of attacking a person and that style is very cruel and dangers, it is used when you are fighting  with the enemy.

Last Tuesday My mate and I were learning to kick each other and take the pain like a woman. Each kick has its name, we were doing a kick called (ونكوك) spelled like wen kok. My mate Deba was supposed to kick me in the shoulder but instead she was kicking me really hard  on my back and sometimes very close to my face. After Deba and I learnt how to do the wen kok kick we started beating each other a bit stronger and it became really painful.  Of course we know how to defence such an attack but before going to the defence stage we must learn how to do the kick well, we can evaluate the kick when we are being kicked because we can feel the difference between a good and the bad kick. Anyways, The Kung Fu Instructor Radhy Saeda warned us about using our elbows when defending each other because  it’s very painful.  unfortunately, Deba was not focusing well during the attack, she keeps kicking me in my back  and other areas exept my shoulders. During the training session she  accidently almost kicked me very very hard on the face so I had to react fast, I defended my self using my elbows and I hurt Deba. She was very close of seriously injuring me because she wasn’t controlling her kicks and because I was afraid of being knocked out I defended myself as I was fighting  with the enemy.

I met Deba again today, I didn’t know that I was too hard on her untill I saw her leg. I took a picture of her leg to post it on my blog to show what kind of injuries you might get when you  are doing  it wrong.

I am not proud of that, Kung fu is about self-control and discipline and I didn’t control myself.

I am very sorry Deba I didn’t mean to hurt you that bad. I also apologize to my Kung Fu instructor Radhy Saeda for not following the rules and for failing in one of the kung fu basics.

I feel terrible Deba, I hope you get well soon.

Pitutary Adenoma discussion board

About three years ago I was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called pituitary adenoma, it grows within the pituitary gland that it located in the base of the brain. This gland is extremely important because it’s hormones are responsible of major functions of the human body such as growth, blood pressure, metabolism, temperature regulation, water and osmolarity, pregnancy, sex organ function in both women and men and regulating  thyroid gland function.

Brain tumor that grows in the pituitary gland not only affect the gland’s function but it also might cause vision problems since its very close to the optic nerves.

I have done  endoscopic transphenoidal brain surgery  to remove the tumor last Oct in the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh.

After I recovered from the surgery I received a lot of emails from people who have similar brain tumor asking me about the surgery, recovery and many other things. 

 I made this room to share my experience of the endoscopic transphenoidal brain surgery  and answer questions regarding the treatment options, surgery and the recovery.

Separation Anxiety

I sold my guitar yesterday and they buyer must receive it by Monday 😦 . I am going through the ” separtaion anxiety” phase because its my only guitar. Yesterday I spent the whole night playing guitar on my bed untill I fell asleep. I woke up this morning wondering if I made the right decision.


No, I didn’t stop playing guitar, I just want to buy another one and they only way to be able to afford the new guitar is to sell my old guitar. what make me really sad is  that I will be too busy to shop since I already started my final exams! 😦

so that means I might not play a guitar for almost a month!!!!!!!!

I wonder if I will survive without my guitar!

My Beloved  X-Guitar

My Beloved X-Guitar











I have a confession to make

Mom .. My older brother Abdulhakeem never really beat me .. I always make up stories so u beat him.. remember when I told you he pushed me against wall  and then I fell down and hit my head  …and all that drama.. 

none of that happened..

that was about 15 years ago .. but I wanted to get it off my chest.

I’m sorry Abdulhakeem!