Criminal Officer

Photo of the rapist from Okaz Newspaper

Photo of the rapist from Okaz Newspaper

Thieves wearing  a police man uniform has become quite  popular in Saudi Arabia,  I have read many stories  in the Newspapers about thieves who would fool mostly foreigners ( none Saudis) to steal their phones, their jewellery andlaptops and at times they would bully their victims or even beat them up. However, This time the fake police man took it a bit further!

According to Okaz Newspaper, the Indonesian lady who lives in Jeddah was very surprised when a man  who appeared to be a police officer knocked the door  and told her that she is wanted.

He went to her bedroom and stole valuable stuff  and then went back to the lady. He threatened her if she ever called for help or reported anything for the police. Right after that, the lady pulled herself together andwent directly to the police station and described the man so they made a sketch that is identical to her description. It didn’t take the police officer long time to catch the rapist. When he was first confronted with the charges, he denied everything and he said that he has nothing to do with the crime, but after bringing the lady in so she would identify the criminal, she pointed at him and he confessed his crime.

Those kind of criminals usually target residents mostly from neighboring  Arab countries, Asians and Africans.

So guys be careful! next time an officer stops you .. ask him to show you his badge!


Brutal wife rape



I was in my way to my home when I heard the news on Al Arabia News Channel about this brutal crime of a Tunisian man raping his wife right after the wedding ceremony!

The Tunisian couple first started a ” networking relationship” through the internet and at that time the man was living in Germany. Later on, they decided to take their relationship further and get marry. Just after the wedding ceremony they went to a hotel room, that’s when the husband suddenly turned into a monster. He brutally raped his wife in a very aggressive and cruel way; he burnt her with cigarettes and then took nude pictures of her. After that, the husband left the hotel room.

The battered wife called her brother right away and told him about the incidence, he picked her up and went to the nearest hospital in town.  The doctors reported a cute internal bleeding. The wife was referred to a Psychiatric consultant for further treatment.

The verdict of sending the man to a life sentence was announced yesterday in some Arabic newspaper and news channels. This kind of crimes happen very often in the Arab world and yet Muslim men get away with it in many other countries, so knowing that some Muslims countries consider forced sexual intercourse is a crime even if she was his wife is surprising.

In Saudi Arabia men have total control of their wives! They legally can imprison their wives at home and not let them go to work, school or even visit their family, women must obey their husband, if a woman disobeyed her husband the husband have the right to beat her.

in most rape cases in the arab world, women  are considered criminals not victims, we all read about the Saudi girl from Qatife who was raped by 7 men and was sentenced to jail for being alone with those men without a male guardian ( brother, father or a son) and they made it all her fault

In most Arab countries they kill girls who were raped ( honor killing) because they believe that they are clearing their family’s name by killing her. I know it does not make sense, but thats how it is. Just to let you know that those who are accused of  Honor killing ( wether because their sisters, daughters were raped or had premarital sex) will get a soft punishment or penlty like 5 years  in persion or so.




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Jealous son kills his father and brother

Another shocking murder crime in Al Hassa ( East Saudi). 


A young man kills his own father and brother because he is jealous of his siblings. One of the murder’s brother said, My father loves us more and my brother is jealous because of that, he use to beat my father and threaten to burn the house and kill everyone. My father reported that to  police and they took my brother into custody but then he was released when my father decided to forgive him. However, once he got out of jail, went to my father’s work and beated him in front of the staff but my father didn’t call the police this time.

One of my brothers decided to talk to him about his way in treating my father and got angry and broke the door. Later that night things got quiet, we had dinner and then everyone went to sleep.
The murder took a metal sharp tool, went o my brothers bedroom and starting hitting him on the head untill he passed out, then he went to my father’s bedroom and did the same. After that, he got a knife from the kitchen and started stabbing my father and brother untill death. After making sure that both my brother and father are dead, he went to my sisters bedroom and asked them to leave the house so they don’t see the dead bodies. One of my sisters called the police after she became suspicious.later on the police came and took care of everything.

The son confessed to the police and said I did this because of family problems.

Okaz newspaper:


Four guys taking turns when shooting a man

I just read this article in alanween online newsletter.
This is aa very shocking story so I translated into English to share it with ya all!
A man  revealing his darkest secret after 12 years!

A 23 years old guy can no longer take it anymore, he told the police about the secret that
he has been holding for almost 12 years now.

 As I was standing next to my home in Al-Deera neighborhood in Al Hassa city( East Saudi), I saw four men at the age of ( 20 – 27) took turns when shooting a man untill he died, the guy said. My dad told me to say nothing, because he was afraid that those men might try to harm me. However, When My father died the murders  threatened me and told me not to speak out about what I have seen. They raped me and forced me to take drugs untill I got fed up, the man said.
The Police now have the four men in custody under investigation.

this is really horrible crime!
I don’t really see why the father of the boy didn’t tell the police. In Saudi Arabia the punishment of murder is  execution. So I don’t really see how those men would get to the boy if they were dead!

 I believe the family of the dead man who was murder 12 years ago must be sad and battered that there were 2 people knew what happened but didn’t speak out. I don’t try to blame the boy becuase I can’t imagine how a 11 years old boy feels after seeing men taking turns when shooting someone in such cruel way in cold blood, that must have been hard on him. Then it continues by raping him and forcing him to take drugs! this is really sick. but  I do believe that the father should have told the Police when his son told him about the murder.  He could have protected his son in the whole neighborood as well from those criminals.
I hope those people get the punishment they deserve.

A murder and a cup of tea


Egyptian man killed his wife and the mother of his child  because she served him a cup of juice rather than a cup of tea. The husband said to the Police that he had a headache and therefore, he asked his wife to perpare a cup of tea. However, she brought him juice! so he went to the kitchen, brought a knife and stabbed her untill death. The wife’s uncle ( from her mother side) saw the husband leaving the house and he tried to stop him so he stabbed the uncle as well.

 alyaum news paper