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You can Contact Omaima Al Najjar either on or at the following email:

I check my email on daily basis.. so if you want a fast response.  email me!



4 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. I’m really proud to be sharing living space with a people who kill their daughters by raping them and burning them and smashing them and what not….

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of Mariam and Martyr Fatima Bint AlMutairi. I work in Saudi but i never knew that honour killing and that people are still charged for apostacy.
    I like your blog

  3. كيفك اميمة ممكن اتواصل معاك ؟ حاولت ارسل اكثر من ايميل بس الظاهر فيه مشكلة لان الايميلات ماتوصل ، اذا ممكن تعطيني ايميلك لو سمحتي اكون شاكر ومقدر

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