Free Loujain and Maysaa

free lujain and maysaa

It has been 2 weeks since the arrest of the Saudi activists Lojain Al Hathloul and Maysaa Al Amoudi.
Loujain was crossing the boarders of UAE/Saudi Arabia driving her own car attempting to break the driving ban in Saudi Arabia when she was arrested earlier this month.
Loujain was stopped on the boarders for over 24 hours, While Saudi Arabian officers at the boarders making phone calls trying to reach the ministry of interior affairs to report Loujain Al Hathloul.
Saudi Officers refused to let Loujain enter the country because she was driving her car. Even though, Loujain holds a valid driving license.
A Saudi officer suggested to Loujain to either go to Saudi Arabia by bus or by plane as she is not allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia since she is a ”woman”. Loujain who is holding a valid GCC driving license argued ” I am a Saudi citizen with a Saudi passport, and as per the law a holder of GCC driving license can drive anywhere within gulf countries ” including Saudi Arabia” as there is no exception in the law against Saudi women.
Yet, she was kept in custody in the boarders for over 24 hours and when Maysaa Al Amoudi, another Saudi activists resides in UAE came to help loujain, the police arrested her as well. Maysaa’s sister Wafa Al Amoudi posted a video asking the Saudi autorities to release both her sister and Loujain Al hathlol saying that her sister had no intention to cross the baorders, she was only bringing something to loujain when she was arrested.
The two Saudi activists have been in prison in Saudi Arabia since the 1st of Dec 2014.
Human rights Activists have started an online campaign demanding Saudi authorities to free Loujain al Hathloul and Maysaa Al Amoudi.
join the campaign on facebook or show your support to Loujain and maysaa by posting a video on youtube demanding Saudi authorities to release Loujain and Maysaa.
You had previously supported Manal Alsharif back in 2011 and your support brought the media attention to the matter and that played an important role in releasing Manal Alsharif.

So please join the ”free loujain and maysaa campaign” here!


That’s why we’re waiting

Saudi woman have successfully won the battle against the ban of female driving in Saudi Arabia BUT unfortunately very few Saudi women have international driving license. Therefore, I don’t see any Saudi women driving
on the streets yet. I have seen the videos on YouTube and I know people who
know people who drove their cars but I have not seen any. That just tells me
that very few Saudi women own a driving license.

It’s very sad and unfortunate that Saudi Arabia has strict gender
segregation rules that prevent women from going to only males driving schools.

Two weeks ago Saudi women (who owns international driving license)
went out on the streets and started driving in public for the first time ever.

Saudi people were expecting the government to make a statement
regarding the ban of female driving but nothing came out. I personally
called 998 ( the traffic police) and asked them if women can go to local
driving schools. Their respond was ” We are waiting for an official statement
from the king that will be announced on TV soon, then you can get a driving
license from any Saudi driving schools here”. I said to myself ”this could be
a very historic day in Saudi Arabia and a huge step forward for equality”. However, nothing happened.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait; I am starting to run out
of patience.