A Saudi groom slapped by his mother in his wedding night

Saudi couple decided do a  romantic Cinderella wedding theme in their wedding party. There is this part of the ceremony when the bride walks like Cinderella style wearing only one shoe and the groom who  is supposed to be the prince gets down on bended knees to put the other shoe on . It’s not common in Saudi to see a man on bended knees in front of a woman, at least not in public. In Saudi culture, men are considered superior and bending the knees is regard as the ultimate humiliation. The husband didn’t tell his family about the part when he is going to be down on bended knees. Anyways, During the wedding ceremony the groom and bride surprised everyone with their surprising  Cinderella wedding theme. However, The idea of being on bended knees in front of his wife didn’t impress his mother, She was so shocked that he did such a thing in front of everyone and she thought it was very insulting.

The groom’s mother got really angry and slapped her son in the face and started swearing at him for humiliating himself in presence of everyone . Right after getting slapped in the  face, the groom took his wife  and travelled to Malaysia  for the honey moon.

Now that’s what I call the ultimate humiliation :D.

 when I read about it online on Okaz news paper to see people’s comments I was very shocked myself that almost  95% of the comments were like ” he deserved to be hit and slapped in the face for doing that”. Saudi people are supporting the groom’s mother and believe that  puting the shoe on the bride’s foot is too humiliating to be romantic!

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