Kung Fu training session gone wrong

Unlike other martial arts Kung Fu allows you to actually beat your mate during the training. We don’t pretend to kick or punch, we actually do it. However, there is the friendly way of attacking that is not soft BUT it does not break an arm or cause serious injuries to other students, and there is another way of attacking a person and that style is very cruel and dangers, it is used when you are fighting  with the enemy.

Last Tuesday My mate and I were learning to kick each other and take the pain like a woman. Each kick has its name, we were doing a kick called (ونكوك) spelled like wen kok. My mate Deba was supposed to kick me in the shoulder but instead she was kicking me really hard  on my back and sometimes very close to my face. After Deba and I learnt how to do the wen kok kick we started beating each other a bit stronger and it became really painful.  Of course we know how to defence such an attack but before going to the defence stage we must learn how to do the kick well, we can evaluate the kick when we are being kicked because we can feel the difference between a good and the bad kick. Anyways, The Kung Fu Instructor Radhy Saeda warned us about using our elbows when defending each other because  it’s very painful.  unfortunately, Deba was not focusing well during the attack, she keeps kicking me in my back  and other areas exept my shoulders. During the training session she  accidently almost kicked me very very hard on the face so I had to react fast, I defended my self using my elbows and I hurt Deba. She was very close of seriously injuring me because she wasn’t controlling her kicks and because I was afraid of being knocked out I defended myself as I was fighting  with the enemy.

I met Deba again today, I didn’t know that I was too hard on her untill I saw her leg. I took a picture of her leg to post it on my blog to show what kind of injuries you might get when you  are doing  it wrong.

I am not proud of that, Kung fu is about self-control and discipline and I didn’t control myself.

I am very sorry Deba I didn’t mean to hurt you that bad. I also apologize to my Kung Fu instructor Radhy Saeda for not following the rules and for failing in one of the kung fu basics.

I feel terrible Deba, I hope you get well soon.