Islamic preacher gets away with murder

The killer Fayhan Al Ghamdi

The Famous Saudi preacher Fayhan Al Ghamdi who appears on various preaching TV channels tortured his 5 years old daughter to death because he was suspicious of her virginity.

According to the medical report, Fayhan Al ghamdi has tortured his daughter Lama with whips, electrical shocks, removed her nails,  and burnt her with an iron. Lama died in the after spending almost a year in the hospital suffering from broken arms, skull fracture,  and head bruises.

The well known preacher grew up with his grandmother after the divorce of his parents.. He quit school at the age of 9 and has been suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction.

Al Ghamdi’s ex-wife said on an interview ” before we get married the neighbors described him as very religious and god-fearing person, one week after our marriage he changed, he was doing drugs, drinking alcohol and flirting with other women, he was beating me up for no reason. I became pregnant with our daughter Lama. He was nice, he never abused her, I remember he took her away for 3 months and when they came back she was okay, there was nothing wrong with her. Until the last time, I don’t know what happened with him! But after our divorce he stopped paying child support. I remember I called him once and I asked him how would you  lecture people on religion while your acting this way, and not even paying a child support, don’t you fear god? He s use to chuckle and said my word is superior and yours is inferior

Al Ghamdi’s ex-wife recalls a phone call from the police persecutor asking her to come to the hospital. She said ” I went to the hospital to see my daughter, but when I saw her laying there I couldn’t even recognize her face she was brutally beaten and disfigured, she has broken bones almost everywhere in her right side of the body, broken arms and skull fracture  the doctors said she couldn’t defecate because he was beating her in the anus area and he use to close the open wounds (cuts) by burning her anus, every visit to the hospital doctors will give me more reports about injures that have been found, . She was unconscious, doctors said she will not survive but I was crying and praying for god every day”

According to the Inpatient death report from Shemiasi Hospital in Riyadh city Lama was admitted in the hospital on the 26th of December 2011 and died on October 22 2012 in the ICU.

Fayhan Al Ghamdi was held for few months in jail waiting for his trail. Al Ghamdi then was released from prison few days ago.  The court ordered him to pay ( Diyah) which is blood money paid for the family of the victim. Ironically, according to the law the Murderer will share the money he is paying since he is the father; he is part of the family.

According to the discriminatory sharia law the Diyah ( the blood money ) must be 400.000 SR if the victim is a male and half of the money which equals 200.000 SR if the victim is a female.

This unfair outrageous verdict was not a surprise. Unfortunately, Saudi Sharia law gives the man full authority over women, a husband for instance has a full authority over his wives and the father has full authority over his daughters. They also have the right to discipline their wives, or children, beat them if they have to.


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21 thoughts on “Islamic preacher gets away with murder

  1. This son of a motherless goat should receive the.same treatment he should be tortured twice as what he.did send him over to me n I’ll make him suffer u monster. Allha does not condone torture n death by your own hands.. ur lucky ur not my neighbour. I would bury u alive ..U goat….

  2. Sickening and horrifying – and certainly a good example of why the mahram system is wrong and doesn’t work for all females in Saudi Arabia. I’ve linked this post to my latest blog post.

    • to all the women in the islamic world: kill with your own hands all those beastly males, ’cause they will not pay for their crimes by men’s law in those countries.

  3. I am totally shocked by this story. It wouldn’t happen here in the US. Such a man would be sent to prison for a very long time for such a horrendous murder of his own child.

  4. What can we do to help? I live in the US and would like to see how we can support the activists in Saudi who are standing up not only for this girl, but gender equality. Is there a petition? etc.?

    • Equality Now
      Working for the human rights of women and girls around the world.

      Equality Now works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world. Our main program areas of work are: Discrimination in Law, Sexual Violence, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and Trafficking.

      In partnership with grassroots groups, Equality Now raises international visibility of individual cases of abuse, mobilizes public support through its global membership, and wields strategic political pressure to ensure that governments enact or enforce laws and policies that uphold the rights of women and girls.

  5. Dear OmaimA. I feel very sad about this so cleric who killed hid daughter. But I believe in Islam and Allah’s law. I live Europe and father raping and killing his own child is very common. It could happen any wherer. Incest is quit common and not shocking anymore. I am not an expert on Islam. But I try to learn. I don’t know about the rulling on blood money and murder of these kind. But I believe in Allah’s law and if the law is from Allah and not from culture of the Arab. Then I except it, otherwise I would be doubting in Allah. I don’t understand every sharia but I am learning. Islam had answers all of my question. And Quran is a believable book. I still think and want the cleric to be sentenced to death. But Allah law is most reliable. Allah knows best.

  6. These are the unrecoverable, the ones lost in the desires of the body who have lost contact with their Guardians.

    “Cases in which ghibah is permissible

    “Injustice. One who has suffered injustice is entitled to mention the one who has committed injustice to someone who is capable of restoring his rights to him, such as a legitimate Muslim ruler or judge.” –

  7. Hi can we open a face book page for lama . May be if lots of people participate our voice could be heard and maybe only maybe we can make a difference ! And save children from this unfair / abusive reality ..

  8. If this man ever appears on TV as a cleric again, if he ever is accepted as a free person (not to speak of as a person who teaches the Quran) I will be ashamed forever to be one of saudi society. It is disgusting. She is in my prayers – and he is too, but I pray for his punishment. Serious punishment.
    Allah, if humans fail to punish him, please make sure, he will receive what he deserves.

  9. this evil demon has the curse of God upon him. and by his own hand, he has brought this fate upon himself. he is cursed and it will follow him all the days of his miserable, pathetic, diseased life. that poor, innocent little baby. i’m tormented thinking of what she endured-the pain, the fear, the asking “why? what have i done to deserve this?” tortured by a sadist. HER OWN FATHER! the very person who was supposed to love her and protect her from all harm. unforgivable. the Saudi people should accept nothing less than this barbarian’s head on a platter. he is worthless. of less value than a maggot. it’s so heartening to know there are courageous Saudis, especially Saudi women, who are speaking out against this loathsome, vile, unspeakable, sickening crime.
    Omaima, you’re an inspiration!

  10. The father is a pedophile and murderer and according to the Char’ia, he’s just got to pay some money… for himself! Those laws allow men to behave like animals. How is it possible to talk about God then?

  11. the man has inward struggles which his religion cannot help since it supports war is only Christ that can heal a man’s heart and make him broken,Humble and compassionate.Christianity teaches us to help the weak not to be superior minded over women.This is terrible,The law should take its course.He must pay for it.

  12. i see a revival coming to these islamic nations.their secret excesses are being exposed to see their need for Christ the messiah in their polity,what their beliefs has not been able to help.Christ said that hidden things must come to light even their women know this.there is need for Christ in their polity.thank u.

  13. there is no confusion in Christ.all those sharia laws arenot from God himself because it does not support equity,purity,love and faithfulness.those laws are egocentric and selfish,their people and well meaning women should peacefully protest and kick against it.thank u.too sad!

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