The Long Journey to Freedom

Dear Readers,

I know I have not been blogging for a while now, that is because I have been on the road looking for a country to settle in.

I obtained a refugee status (international protection) from The United Nation Office in China and went to Norway. Unfortunately and I must say unexpectedly, Norway has rejected to take my case and deported me out!

Yes, shocking isn’t?

 Hence, I am now on the road again looking for place to settle.

I am hoping that soon I will be blogging again to write about my never ending journey to freedom.





4 thoughts on “The Long Journey to Freedom

  1. Sorry to hear that. Did they mention the reason why they didn’t accept your issue? After all, it seems not as easy as I thought to get a political asylum. However, I am looking forward for new blogs.


  2. Would be a lot cheaper to apply online before incurring travel costs. No it is not shocking, it is to be expected. There are millions of refugees looking for new homes. No country could manage to take in everyone who applied.

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