Polygamy in Saudi

This is an arabic post I found in Islamic website, I just translated that post into English.

A Saudi man asking the Grand Mufti of Islamic law in Saudi Arabia Bin Baz.

Question: Some women prefer living in western countries because polygamy is not allowed, unlike here in Saudi Arabia. What do you think of that?

The Grand Mufti Answers: those who hated polygamy or alleged that stopping polygamy is better, are none believers and An apostate of Islam (left Islam). The penalty of apostasy is execution.

What is grand mufti? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Mufti

Reference: the official website of the grand mufti of Saudi answering the man’s question Arabia  http://www.binbaz.org.sa/mat/18069

Saudi Men believe that they have the right to marry 4 wives,as it says in the Quran or as law of Islam.

Bin Uthameen another Grand Mufti listing stupid reasons why Islam is allowing polygamy.

1-     It’s necessary when the wife is too old or too sick and he has kids from his wife that he can’t just divorce her and yet he can’t have sex with her for the mentioned reasons.

2-     Polygamy is a way of communication in sense that bonds a lot of families.

3-     Protecting women in the sense of providing home and whatever needed as the husband is the primary financial provider.

4-     Some men have strong sexual desires that one woman is not enough, so god’s was merciful in this matter by allowing Muslim men to marry more than one wife.

5-     Sometimes after the marriage finds out that the wife can’t have children or she is sterile so better than divorcing his wife, he can just marry another one and keep the old wife.

6-     Some men travels a lot and they feel lonely.

7-     A lot of men died during wars so there are more women than men. Therefore, 1 man for every 4 women.

8-     A married man might like a woman and the only way to have a legal relationship with her is to marry her.

9-     Sometimes the couple would fight and the man divorces his wife, then he marries another woman. But later on he finds out that he wants to get back to his old wife, so rather than divorcing his new wife, he can just remarry his ex-wife.

10- Having more children as Muslim needs ( increasing the number of Muslims)  to enforce the army with more soldiers for Jihad to fight the non believers ( non muslims ).

11- The woman will have time to do her studies or whatever she have to do as the husband is hanging around with the other wife.

12- Polygamy is good because it gives a break so the couples miss each other when it’s the other wives shift or turn.

Reference: http://www.ahlalhdeeth.com/vb//showthread.php?t=41035


8 thoughts on “Polygamy in Saudi

  1. i really dont like the idea of marrying more women..
    There should be only one wife, and one husband.
    Just as with there is only one god.

  2. Well.. monogamy maybe good but it will leave many women single and promote vices in society. There is a whole logic and sense behind allowing a man to have more than one wife. Also, MEN lie. I am sorry.. but they do. Don’t tell me that at least 80% of the men do not cheat on their wives? Because if that was not the case, prostitution would not be such a HUGE industry. However, certain men CAN handle it but all cannot. And one should be honest about what they can do and cannot.
    Personally , I would not be able to have more than one wife. But, I am sure many men will be. So, what must be stopped is ABUSE of women by Men and abuse of Men by Women ( it does happen!).. but when you try to alter the limitations or accesses given by God, you disrupt the whole system.
    In addition to this option of 4 wives, there is a WHOLE QURAN full of do’s and dont’s .. men desiring more than a wife should first fulfill all of those..

    • I totally disagree with you Ali. In Quran the verse says its allowes only if they can treat women equally and THEY CAN’T TREAT THEM EQUALLY. However, in the pre-islamic period Arab men use to marry a lot of women .. 10 .. 20 .. and they even called them jareyat whic means sex slaves and when the father dies the son not only gets the money but he also gets the ” jareyat” inhert women as sex slaves! yes its disgusting I know!!
      so when ofcourse they can’t just set a new rule .. like ” hey u no longer can marry 100 woman .. u can only have one” !! it will not be accepted by Arab men since they are not use to it, so Islam came t make it easyer as they decreases it graduall into 4 women .. and then agan says that men will never be able to meet the conditions of marrying 4 women.
      for me marrying another woman is just like extra marital sex .. its cheating. Signing a paper as a contract and call it a marriage is 100% men made not god!
      thats how they interperate religion.. they explain religion in away to please their obessesion with sex and young virgin girls. Almost all men who marry a second wife choose a wife that is younger ( sometimes a child) and virgin.
      Islam don’t encourage polygamy at all, the verse in quran is clear and I believe its really stupid women ” men and shaikhs” act like it does not exist.

      • but here is the thing, the prophet himself had more than one wife. and seeing that there are more woman than men, it makes sense that a man can marry more than one wife, as long as he can be fair, and fairness is relative, so as long as he is not ignoring any of his wifes it should be fine—that is my understanding. who are we to make what allah has ordained halal as haram? because we don’t like it? and here is another thing, many religions not only islam, allowed for a man to have more than one wife.

  3. I agree with you Omaima. It’s a big responsibly to have 2 or 3 wives. Women are not lifeless objects. And we men are going to face shame hereafter.

  4. polyginy most likely is disliked by muslimat.
    however, it’s part of islam, nabi sallahu alahi wa salam, sahabat radiallahu anhum practiced this.
    it’s halal.
    for some muslim women, their main goal is the after-life (akhirah), and believe that Allah is the most just, and everybody is responsible for their action in front of Him in the day of judgement.
    it’s a matter of choice.
    you might dislike something which is good for you, and you might like something which is bad for you.
    if you don’t like it, don’t go for it,

    • Alhumdullah sister. It is as you say it is made an obligation for muslim men if they can be just as Allah swt says marry 2,3 or 4 but if you can’t be just – Marry once.

      Also, in this day and age where many people are not just and not abel to fulfill their responsibilties to themselves let alon one wife or more. I think such people should fast and quash their desires and learn Tawheed before attempting to deny legislated rights that Allah swt has ordained.

      May Allah swt give us hidyah and strengthen our imaan and open the eyes of the wider comunity to what is fair and just for society as a whole and not the views of the narrow minded who can nit see past here noses and want something to sing and dance about like they even unrstand themselves let alone the world and wht it it contains

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