A Dish of Cockroaches and Toilet Flies

Reader discretion advised, this post contain disgusting materials.

hala chinese food

It was casual school day when my brother and I were taking a walk downtown and noticed this small local restaurant that serves Uyghur food in the corner of a busy commercial street. The restaurant had a rusty small unnoticeable blue signs says ”halal food”. My brother and I decided to go in. As we stepped into the restaurant through a barely fitting small door, a handsome Uyghur man with beautiful piercing green eyes welcomed us and showed us a table for 2. Restaurant had simple cheap wooden tables and chairs that weren’t that comfortable. We put down our heavy school backbags and waved Hi to our Colombian friend who was sitting in the next table.
Even though the restaurant did not look very classy yet the food was astonishingly delicious. There was something about the taste that makes it unique. Unlike any other Uyghur restaurants we went to, this restaurant’s food was exceptional. Was it their perfectly cooked silky noodles? Or the fresh earthy vegetables they use?
We became regular customers of that Uyghur restaurant till day we found out about their dirty little secret.

That day my brother and I were having lunch there, we both ordered a tudou mian; which is basically noodles topped with potatoes, green pepper and carrots.
As I was about to eat I looked down at my plate and noticed part of a transparent wing showing from underneath the thinly sliced carrots. I picked up the carrots with my chopsticks to look what’s underneath and saw toilet flies!!!!
I went to the restaurant manger/owner and I showed him my plate. He took it from my hands and loudly said to the chief ”Make another tudou mian”.
I went back and sat in my chair.” What’s the matter?” my brother asked. I replied ” nothing. It was just a mosquito”.
I did not want to say I found hairy short legged toilet flies laying dead in my plate. That would have been sounded a little too graphic for my brother who was still eating at that time.
Few minutes later, the waiter came with unusual amount of vegetables and noodles. It was twice the normal portion. I thought to myself maybe he is trying to apologize about the toilet flies and wanted to make it up by doubling the portion of the food.
He handed me the chopsticks and just before I even start eating a poor cockroach was trying to escape from the hot noodles! And was trying to climb up my chopsticks!!
I panicked and I jumped out of my chair. The waiter took my chopsticks immediately flipped them upside down, picked up the cockroach by MY CHOPSITCKS, killed that poor creature and gave me back my chopsticks and said to me problem solved.
My brother saw who was eating at that time could not swallow down the food that was already in his mouth. He was about to throw up. He was putting one hand over his mouth and I can tell from his body language that he was trying to tell us to stop talking about the toilet flies and cockroaches because he was about to throw up.
Instead of apologizing about what happened, the manger tried to convince me to eat that meal since they killed the cockroach and that the cockroach was not a big deal!
I was not shocked how the manger dealt with this matter. After all, many Chinese people eat insects. We left without paying for the 2 meals of toilet flies and cockroaches that they served me. But we paid for my brother’s meal because unfortunately he ate most of it.
I cannot go back to school. I am not feeling well, I want to go back home I said to my brother. I had a severe unbearable stomach ache, I could hardly stand straight. I got into the bus and I unbuttoned my shirt because I could not breathe easily, I was nauseated and I felt like I was going to throw up at anytime!

I was sick for 3 days and I stopped eating noodles for a while after that horrible incident. I never went to the hospital because it was all psychological. I knew there was no way I could get a food posing because I did not eat a single bite. I saw the toilet flies and the cockroach before I started eating. But just seeing those insects in my plate made me really ill for couple of days!
Later that day my brother told me I knew you were lying when you said it was just a mosquito. I could tell from your facial expressions that you have seen a more disgusting and filthier insect.


Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

Saudi Arabian court sentenced a Saudi woman to 80 lashes for insulting her husband’s second wife.

The Saudi  woman sitting in the lobby about to receive the 80 lashes.

The Saudi woman sitting in the lobby about to receive the 80 lashes.

The Woman heard that her husband has just got himself a new wife, who is a faculty member   in Rafha  girls  University in Northern Saudi. She went to Rafha University looking for her husband’s second wife. When she met her she could not help it, she started insulting her husband’s second wife, yelled at her and called her bad names  in the college lobby in front of the staff and the students.
The second wife sued her husband’s first wife and won the case. The judge’s verdict was to send the woman to 80 lashes as per islam/ Sharia law.  The 80 lashes punishment in Islam is used to punish a person who calls another a w**re or a s*ut.  The second wife wanted to take revange and so she demanded the punishment to be carried out in the college lobby where the incident happened.The students from Rafah University witnessed the incidence and tweeted the story in twitter. Apparently someone has managed to take a photo of the woman who was sitting in the lobby and  about to receive the 80 lashes.
According to Sharia law, Muslim Men are allowed to have up to 4 wives and countless number  of sex slaves. Despite the fact that sex slavery has slowly disappeared from the Muslim modern society, polygamy is still widely accepted and common.

My Attempt to Break the Driving Ban in Saudi Arabia


After I was inspired by Manal Al Shirf campaign I asked my brother to teach me how to drive. Back then I was living in Riyadh city. Our teaching sessions have always started on Friday or Thursday mornings that’s when the streets are less busy. After making a good progress my brother started letting me drive to my hometown, the Eastern province, which is about 450 kms away. After we pass the check points we would swap the seats and I would sit behind the wheels and drive. I traveled to China but I came back to Saudi to visit my family 5 weeks ago and I wanted to continue learning.

Every time I drive my brother would sit next to me to give me instructions. I have been driving in the streets of Al Khobar for the last 5 weeks and I never had a problem. I even once went to a drive through coffee shop next to crowded oil station on half moon beach and ordered some coffee and then went to the beach. Some people would give me the V sign and others would just start taking pictures and videos of me while I’m driving!

2 days ago I went out for another training session but this time I wasn’t very lucky, As I was driving in the streets of Al Khobar city  I lost my way and went to the wrong direction, I ended up driving next to the police station! There were few police cars outside driving on the same highway, So I kept slowing down and driving on the right side of the road but my heart was racing. 3 police cars passed and none of them noticed me; there was even one of the police cars on the opposite direction, taking a U turn, the police car was less than 2 meters away but luckily didn’t notice me too.  Suddenly, a speedy police car was driving on the left side of the highway started to slow down dramatically. Apparently, someone has just told the police that there is a woman in the back driving a grand marquis 2007.  The police officer took the right track, slowed down, opened his car window and started looking at us, that’s when I decided to turn on the headlights of the car so the officer won’t see me, and then I started driving on the left track of the highway where most speedy cars go. Obviously, it wasn’t a good idea; they became more suspicious and started chasing after me! They kept asking me to pull over..

I pulled over safely like a pro driver, 2 police officers came to me and one of them said, Mashallah , you clearly can drive! But women are not allowed to drive here, it’s against the law, there is a law from the ministry of interior affairs to punish women who drive ”. I can tell from their accent, one of the police officers is from Najad and the other is southern Saudi. The Najedi officer started asking me questions like what’s your name? where are you from?  Where do you live? Are you Shiite or Sunni? So I answered all his questions but I never said I’m Shiite.

In the beginning the two officers were very cooperative ,they  Said” don’t worry, we will let you go this time,  but since the department of traffic police has been informed  that there is a woman driving on the highway and  they know we stopped you too, so we cannot let you go or lie to them  but when our boss comes we will tell him that you were caught driving inside the nearby neighborhood, we don’t want him to know you were caught driving on the highway, because if we tell him you were caught driving on the highway you will be facing serious punishments, such as confiscation of your vehicle, 10 days behind bars and 5000 SR fee. So my brother and I swapped the seats, he followed the police to a nearby neighborhood and stopped the car there, we made the  scene perfect before the arrival of their boss.

As we are waiting for the other police cars to come, the Najdi police officer took my ID card to see my full name. Al Najjar is either a western Saudi name or eastern Saudi name and I had an eastern accent.  Knowing that the majority of people who are from eastern province are Shiite, the police became suspicious, so he asked me again ”are you Shiite?” But I refused to answer him, so he took my brother outside the car and asked him if he was Shiite and my brother said yes. We just knew the Najedi officer was up to no good.

An Hour later, another 2 police car and 4 police officers came. One of the police officer looked older than the others with a higher rank, he was clearly the boss, he came to me and asked me if I I was driving on the highway and I sticked to the plan and said’ No, I was driving inside the neighborhood’. However, The Najadi Officer started shouting at us calling us liars and that I was caught driving on the highway. His mate kept silent, I can tell he was shocked too.

Now saying I was driving in the neighborhood was not my plan at all, it was actually the police officers plan. but, The Najadi officer turned against us after he knew we were Shiite.

He drove the police car behind us inside a nearby neighborhood to make the scene perfect before the arrival of his boss. He also made us lie to his boss and then he started shouting at us calling us liars!! What’s even worse is that the Najdi officer told his boss that his mate was trying to help us and let us get away with it.

After about 2 hours of questioning, the 2 police cars left, They told us wait with the police. We kept waiting for another 30 minutes inside the car, they 2 police officers who stopped us kept waiting for us too. But then after a while the southern police officer gave me back my ID card he said it’s okay you can go now.

My brother and I went home, this time my brother was driving. The southern police officer later called me on the phone telling me was punished because his mate who turned against us told his boss that his mate was trying to help up!

I am not afraid of breaking the driving ban again; I will get a driving license first and will drive again.

Saudi men are embarrassed of their mother’s name

Saudi men believe that their mother’s name is scandalous and shameful and shouldn’t be mentioned in public. Reaction is a Saudi show views how saudi men reacted when they were asked about their mother’s name. Some refused to say their mother’s name on TV saysing ” I’m not crazy to do so” and others chose to say a nickname such as ” Mother of Mohammad, Mother of Abdullah.. etc..”.  Very few men were okay with it.

The video is in Arabic. I couldn’t find a version with English subtitles but you will be hearing mostly

Wish issm Ommk? Or  Whish issm Al Walda? = Whats your mother’s name?

ملعوب علينا

ملعوب علينا…

القطاع الحكومي ساعات العمل فيه 5 ساعات باليوم – و يعملون خمس ايام بالاسبوع – يعني مجمل ساعات العمل بالاسبوع 25ساعه – اما بالشهر فهي 100 ساعه.

 اما القطاع الخاص و هو القطاع المشهور بالكرف و استغلال الطاقة البشريه بطريقه غير انسانيه بعد 6 ساعات باليوم و يعملون ست ايام بالاسبوع – مجمل ساعات بالاسبوع فهو 36 ساعه – اي بالشهر 144 ساعة.

في الحرس الوطني الدعوه تختلف – احا نظام شفتات – يعني بالاساس دون رمضان نعمل 15 شفت – 12 ساعه يعني 180 ساعه في
الايام العاديه.

ولكن في رمضان نشتغل 11 شفت نهاري
لمدة 12 ساعه – يعني بمجمل 132 ساعه بالشهر

يعني اقل من قطاع الخاص و اكثر من
القطاع الحكومي…؟

يعني كأنه احنا مو تبع وزارة الصحه و لا
تبع قطاع الخاص ( بإختصار احنا تبع الحرس) بس المقصه و المقلب الي ماكلينا نا لما راسلت بندر القناوي شخصيا
اشتكي على المكافئه الخرطي الي يعطونا اياها…

قالي بس مكافئتكم تبع وزارة التعليم
العالي ( يعني بعباره اخرى ) تبع القطاع الحكومي.

طيب يعني اذا المكافئه الي تندفع من
قطاع حكومي – زي وزارة التعليم العالي – ما يفترض نعامل كذالك كـ متدربات تبع قطاع
حكومي – حالنا حال الاوادم الثانيه – و خاصة انها مبلغ زهيد – و اضح جدا انه مو حق
اودام كرف 12 ساعه!

و بعدين اذا الحكومه الكريمه ققرت ان
يكون ساعات العمل بمجمل الشهر 100 ساعه للقطاع الحكوي- ليش النظام مو نازل علينا –
مو احنا تبع وزارة التعليم العالي ( حسب ادعاء د. بندر القناوي – نسيب د.عبدالله
الربيعه) – ايوه يا بنات … هو متزوج اخت د. عبدالله الربيعه –

وبالحديث عن صلة القرابة الي تربط د.
عبدالله الربيعه و بندر القناوي .. ما يخليكم تتسألون كيف حصل بندر القناوي على
المنصب بهذه السرعه و كانه كان ولي عهد للربيعه ؟؟ الربيعه فجاء صار وزير بلا
مقدمات و فجاء طلع القناوي في المنصب.. من دون وضع اي عرض بأن الوظيفه شاغره لمن
هم بمستوى عالي من الشهادات و الخبره – و كان الوظيفه عارفين لمين بتروح..

من جديد اقول للدكتور بندر القناوي –
على بركه الكرسي الي جاك في طبق من ذهب.. و احترم كل شهادتك و لكن لا انكر ان صلة
القرابه الي بينك و بين و زير الصحه و سرعة حصولك ع المنصب.. تثير

My first day in labor & delivery as a Nurse intern

I was outside the department of labor and delivery, waiting for a phone call when a blond middle aged lady came out of the door. Apparently she was also going out but instead she looked at me for a while and went back inside  in a rush as
if she has forgotten something. A minute later, my boss came out and said ” Omaima, I just got a report says that you are sitting here outside. Are youokay??? It seems like you are not interested in working here. What do you want
patients to thank of you?? Its not professional when you are on duty to sit
outside like that in a relaxed position on the chair. Once you come on duty you
are not allowed to leave your preceptor, you know the rules; Interns must be
with their preceptors all times. Your break is also supposed to be with your preceptor,
if she took her lunch break you can take yours. So please go back to the

I was thinking like.. WTF..!! that nurse went back in hurry just to report me..!!! :O that was stick
attitude and very childish as well!

So, I replied to my boss ” are you done?.. IT IS MY LUNCH BREAK

I got angry and shocked of how she approached me.

After that, My Irish boss apologized but I hated the fact that she
came and lectured me for about ten minutes. She wasted 10 minutes of my break
for nothing!

Later I found out from my colleagues that she is well-known among Saudi students and interns as the mean nurse who hate Saudi Nurses.

Stupidity wins

I waited for 20 minutes on the road waiting for a taxi cap to stop. It was about 45 degrees that day. I felt like a piece of grilled kebab. I was about to give up and go back home! When I found one, he saw my face and he knew I was waiting for so long under the son and I’m about to get a heat stroke. so he knew I’ll pay him as much as he wanted just to get in the car. He charged me double and I had to pay him. That’s because I didn’t have another choice since Saudi women are not allowed to drive cars. On my way to work I saw a young boy that seemed around 8-9 years old who was driving a car. That boy was speeding around (110 k/h) while the max is 70 k/h. You can imagine everyone was heading to work and with all the traffic there in the street the boy didn’t fear the police nor the people who might call the police. Thats because its ” okay and its normal ” to see male child driving. On the other hand,  Manal Al Sharif who is 32  year old computer security consultant working in one of the biggest oil companies in the world ARAMCO ,  has 2 driving licence one is international driving licence was arrested for driving a car because she was a ” female”.

Here is a video of Saudi boy who is drifting while his family video taping that. The Police never made any attempt to arrest or to investigate what was happening. But when Manal was video taped while driving she was sent behind bars right away..

I really I felt terrible for having to wait for so long when its hot and for to pay double because I can’t drive since I’m a woman speically when I saw that child driving freelly.

Soooo, a family videotaope their child drifting and they get away with it but Manal Al Sharif gets arrested because she drove a car!!!


More info..


Omaima Al Najjar being investigated by the religious police


Two undercover Muttwas caught me yesterday in Rabwa area  in exit 14 in Riyadh city for doing a deal with a foreign man. The religious police were very happy to  caught a lady that is not covering her face with unrelated man, they were so happy that they let the man who I was doing the deal with go and they parked their cars in away that it would obstruct the road so I won’t be able to escape.

Anyways, they Muttwas asked the  Saudi taxi driver in a very serious voice tone to leave the car. The taxi driver who drove me to Rabwa area was so scared that he got out of the car immediately while I was still sitting in the back seat. One Muttwa held the driver so he won’t try to runaway. Few seconds later, I saw the other Muttwa approaching me, he was walking to the car where I was in so I opened the window to talk to him.

The Muttwa: what were you doing with the guy in the ford?

Omaima: I was buying a thing from the internet called online shopping..!! and I am here to get the product and pay him the money .

The Muttwa: I am not a fool, I am going to call for back up from the religious police.

Omaima: Whatever..

The Muttwa: why are not covering your face, aren’t you a Saudi woman?

Omaima: Yes I’m Saudi.

The Muttwa: where are you from?

Omaima: Eastern region.

mean while there was also another Muttwa ( from the religious police) investgating with the taxi driver.

It didn’t take time for the back up  religious police to get to the location. 2 other Muttwas came with their black jeep car and they both got in the car and started asking me questions like  are you Shiite?? do you believe in god? are you muslim??

it was really awkward!! I never thought that I look like atheist!! lol!!

The Muttwa  asked me what happened and when I told him that it was a deal he said ” how can you prove that it was just a deal? ”

I said you can ask the taxi driver he heard me talking to the man on the phone and I’ll call the man who I made the deal with to come and speak with you. Then ,he asked me to call the man and put it on speaker so he would hear how the man would talk with me. I said ” alright”.

I called the man and ..

Omaima:  Salam Mr. B

Mr. B: sounded like he was surprised that I called after an hour, walikum alslam.. whats wrong sister? you didn’t like the product??

Omaima: No, it’s not about the product. I am with the religious Police and they are investigating with me for talking to you, they think that the deal we had is more than just a product. They asked me to prove that I’m innocent and I told him that perhaps you can tell them that we had nothing  going on between the 2 of us.

Mr. B: Sure, I’m coming now sister.

Man you can tell that the Muttwas were very disappointed when the man kept calling me sister…!!!!!!!! lol

It was strong proof that I was buying the product from him when he was the first  to talk about it saying: ” whats wrong, you didn’t like the product?”

So I told the Muttwa .. see I told you… now I am going to sue your mates of  wasting 2 hours of my precious short life and for  committing Qathf.

In Islamic Shariah law if you launch an outrageous accusation like prostitution or having sex for money   and then the accused woman or man  prosecutes you in courts and you didn’t prove that accusation then you’ll be sentenced to 80 lashes (the punishment of committing Qathf).

I was literally threatening the religious police . Then, I demanded apology for the driver and for me.  they had apologized to us and told me to call the man ( whom I was making the deal with) back  and tell him things are alright now and that he don’t have to come.

Although it was cold yesterday, yet I was sweating because I was really angry!!!

There was a point when the religious police and I were just yelling at each other and non of us listening to what the other party has to say. Things got really out of control but when I told them I’m going to sue them since they don’t have proof other than seeing me exchanging money in the street with unrelated man and yet they are insisting that it was more than that, they started to back up. I went to school today and told my friends about it and they were very shocked that I went to Rabwa area, they said that the main building for the religious police is located right there and this area is full of Muttwas and I should have chosen other areas!!!!

Honestly, I didn’t know that this area is full of Muttwas but now I know, I will never go there again.

Later on I asked the driver what kind of questions did they started asking him and my mouth dropped to the floor when he told me they were asking questions like..  ” does she ask you to take her to weird places where unusual things happen?”

”have you ever noticed anything on the way she talks or dress that may indicate that she is not a good girl?”

”does she pay you money to take her to work?” . .. ” is she married?” ” have she ever tried to approach you?” .. etc..

Basically, they wanted the driver to say anything bad about that would be enough for them to take me away and charge me of committing prostitution or something, specially that they saw me exchanging money with the man,isn’t this outrageous??!!!!!!

When I was 20 years old, I have had a similar ethical issues with 2 men belong to rich and well-known family  and I went to the court alone and sued their A**es and I won the case. That tought me a lot on how to confront sheikhs and how to speak up for myself. Sometimes I feel frustrated on how hard it is to do the simplest thing that would probably be normal if I was living somewhere ales. Yet, I feel happy living independently and solving my problems on my own knowing that not a lot of Saudi single girls lives away from their parents.

A trip called nightmare

I love to see the little tiny cars from the sky, the clouds (although we don’t have much of them here in Riyadh) and the fascinating desert from above. So every time I travel anywhere, I tell the reservation officer that I want to be placed next to the window. I never ever asked for anything else, not even which meal I prefer to have (vegetarian, seafood.. etc.) does not really matter, I just want to enjoy the view. I get pleasure from traveling no matter how short or long the trip is.s

I travelled over 20 times and I never had a bad trip at all, until couple of months ago.  I was travelling from North Saudi to Riyadh; I always chose Saudi airlines since students gets 50% discount on the economical seats tickets. I got in the plane and I was a bit shocked how crowded the plane was, especially that it wasn’t weekend or vacation. I went looking for my seat when the flight attendant from the back of the plane called me ”Madam” and pointed with her fingers at the last seat at the very end of the plane.0

I went there and I couldn’t find the seat?????!1

The flight attendant told an obese lady who was sitting on the left to make me some space!!!1

Yes she was latterly taking 70% of my seat!!1

There is no way that this lady would fit in a economical seat, she should have bought 2 seats or got the first class or something. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change the seat because there were no more available seats, the plane was full. So I took the seat and I was extremely uncomfortable since only half of my on the seat and the other half is out in the air!1

Yeah I had to put the sides up so I can sit. Later on, they started serving dinner and since the lady was extremely big, she couldn’t use unfold her table, so she used mine!1

I thought it was very rude from her side for not considering other passengers, and very thoughtless from the reservation officer for giving her an economical seat. I didn’t want to be rude with the lady or hurt her feelings so I didn’t do anything about it, I know the plane is full anyways and speaking with the flight attendant would just embarrass the lady. However, next time I travel I’ll make sure that I get a full seat not just a 30% of it.1

Copy of the complaint letter against My Islamic culture teacher

Dear Ms. Sareh

I would like to call your attention in two matters regarding Islamic culture 4 class under Ms.  Al Enizi.

During our midterm exam Ms. Hanan was handing out the exam sheets to the students but when she got to me, she disrespectfully threw the exam sheet on table next to other student. It was very offensive but I didn’t discuss or argue about it since we are having our exams. However, a few minutes later I asked her to clarify a couple of questions and she refused to answer me.  On the other hand, she was answering other student’s questions. After insisting over and over again she eventually answered me briefly but it is very obvious that she is discriminating against me, many students noticed that Ms. Hanan is being rude with me and I complained about it to Dr.  Al Sayyed but I didn’t get a respond from her yet. Anyhow, there was a tricky question in the exam that I believe is way too hard to be answered for many reasons.

The question in Arabic as it’s written in the exam sheet,

س / يجوز للشعب او الرعيه ازاحة الحاكم اذا كان فاسقا او يظلم الرعية ( صح او خطاء)؟

The literal translation of the question in English: (true of false) People have the right to remove ” the governor or the guardian” from the power if he is being dissolute and unfair to people.

Now what makes this question tricky is that the book says different things in this matter.

1/ صفحه 92 : ان طاعة ولي الامر فقط تكون في غير معصية الله ( الفسق و ظلم الرعيه هي معصيه لله)

2/ صفحه 93: ان طاعة ولى الامر واجبه و لا يجوز الخروج عنه حتى لو كان فاسقا, فالله كفيل بمحاسبته.

3/صفحه 99: ان قوعد الشريعه تمنع الاستبداد و الظلم و تمنع الحاكم و الولاة من تجاوز هذه القواعد.

1-    Page 92: obeying the guardian as long as we are not disobeying god or religion. I personally believe that being dissolute and unfair or not applying justice is disobeying god and religion.

2-    page 93:  we must obey our guardian no matter what, even if he was dissolute because god then will punish him for that later.

3-    Page 99: Islamic law prohibits unfairness or not applying justice and do not allow guardians or governors crossing the law of Islam.

Note Ms. Sareh that the book keeps mentioning that applying justice is very important and it is of the conditions considering when choosing a ruler is that he treats people fairly. The answer in such an argumentative question can be true and false for the mentioned reasons above.

In a second page of the exam sheet there is a question that ask us to write examples of evidence that proves that there were old carees present in mecca in the pre-Islamic period, the answer consist of two points, one of them Is taking care of people who comes for Hajj and I wrote the answer but Ms. Al-Enizi gave me Zero. When I asked Ms. Al-Enizi why she gave me  Zero, she said ” عليه ربع درجه و انتي كتبتي مثال.. كان كتبتي تسة عشر المثال الموجودين في الكتاب”

”I put 0.5 marks on the question and you wrote half of the answer so you lost. 0.25 .. and if you want to get the other 0.25 you should have write 19 exmples as its written in the book” And as she was telling me that she had a very mean smirk on her face. Although, Ms. Hanan said that we must write two examples and each will be for 0.25 which makes a total of 0.50, I wrote one example only and yet she gave me Zero!!!! Ms. Hanna has been bullying me up in the class to no end! and I am finding it very hard to learn in such hostile environment and unreasonable discrimination. I am being verbally and non verbally abused by Ms. Hanan since the begging of the semester and I tried to talk to her in person and work things out but she wouldn’t listen to me. All the bullying and the harassment I have gone through have made me feel very uncomfortable in the class. Therefore, I am kindly asking you to help me with his matter.

I was shocked that Ms. Al-Enizi discourages nursing students from working. She once asked the students ” what would you prefer? Working hard for long hours as a nurse with day and night shifts and have to deal with a lot of career problems or stay home and treated as princess? Be honest girls!” she said.

Few students said yes it would be better to stay at home and not work. What made me very concerned is that Ms. Hanan seemed very happy once she heard the student saying yes as if she was waiting for that answer. I was the only one who said no and the rest of the students didn’t want to say anthing. Ms. Al-Enizi criticized me with irritated voice tone ” you are different as always, you always have a different opinion”. When I asked her, what about you Ms. Hanan What do you think? She refused to answer the question and said” I am an exception” and In different occasion Ms. Hanan was encouraging students to stay home rather than work outside she said:

” المراءه لها مخرجان, مخرجا من بيت ابيها الى بيت زوجها و مخرجا من بيت زوجها الى قبرها”

The literal translation of what Ms. Al-Enizi said: a woman has two exit doors, one from her father’s house to her husband’s and from her husband’s to her grave”. Which is a metaphor meaning of that woman should never go out of the house and it’s better for them to stay at home until they die.  

It really worries me that mentioning the negative aspects of the nursing career and emphasizing of career problems related to working hours or day\ night shifts and enforce the idea of ” staying home is better ”  to nursing students would discourage them. I believe that the staff in the college of nursing encourages nursing students to continue their education and work as nurses in the future and would want the nursing students to be positively encouraged by other staff members as well.

Associated link:  https://omaimanajjar.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/culture-contradicts-with-islam/